Day 6: Ice Bubble


I saw this idea on facebook: blowing bubbles on an extremely cold day.  Having a 5 year old granddaughter, I had a supply of bubble solution.  And today, the high in Joplin, MO was 9 degrees, with a wind chill in the negative numbers. Perfect conditions for creating ice bubbles.  I’ve blown bubbles many, many times, always on pretty days full of warmth and sunshine.  I’ve never stood shivering in the freezing cold, trying to create bubbles.  It was harder than I thought it would be to get one to take a picture of!  Most of the bubbles blew away in the stiff, cold breeze.  The few that swirled around me were slower to pop than normal but pop they did after coming to rest on the snow.  One lone bubble drifted gently to the snow piled up on my deck and rested there delicately.  I was thrilled!  The icy bubble remained for a couple of hours and then became a ring of shattered ice.  Such a simple, beautiful First for this day.  It made me smile.