Day 8: 2014 Vision Board


This is not my first vision board.  I’ve been creating vision boards for 10 years.  However, this is my first vision board for 2014!  I have never created this particular board before, at this time in my life. 

I love vision boards.  The process allows me to tune in to my desires for the upcoming year.  As I hold that vision and begin looking through magazines to find a visual representation of that thought, I am amazed at how the images show up.  It’s fun for me and inspiring and at the end I have a board to hang in my home office that I can look at multiple times a day.

My boards have changed over the years, as I have discovered more about who I am.  My early vision boards focused primarily on business and business goals.  There’s nothing wrong with that and this year’s board has a corner devoted to real estate.  Gone, though, are the goals that  specified number of transactions and volume.  My focus has shifted to personal growth and my vision boards the last couple of years have reflected that.  What I found last year, was that being intentional about my personal growth caused my business to grow too.

I’m excited about this year of moving beyond my limitations and boundaries….and my new vision board that captures that intention!