Day 10: An Eagle Has Landed


Today’s first was supposed to be a visit to a vintage shop in Siloam Springs, AR.  I’ve driven past the store several times and today was the day I intended to stop in.  I did visit and while the shop was attractive and the merchandising well done, I was not inspired.

I was inspired though by a sight I have never seen.  Just north of Siloam Springs, in fields and trees near the highway, were American Bald Eagles.  Not just one or two.  Half a dozen of the huge, majestic birds perched in trees and swooped low over the ground.  And one beautiful eagle splashed in a massive rain puddle in one of the fields.  I have seen one or two American Bald Eagles before, on rare occasions, and the sight never fails to awe me. I have never seen so many in one location and have never seen one on the ground, frolicking in water.  His white, “bald” head was obvious and as his feathers ruffled while he splashed in the puddle, his white tail feathers were noticeable too. I couldn’t get a decent picture with my phone’s camera.  The picture with the post is one I googled, and the closest I could find to what I saw.

I am amazed at how this journey of firsts is unfolding.  The desire to experience new things each day has raised my awareness and has opened a door of opportunities that far exceeds what I have arranged.  I love that even though I have a plan, unplanned firsts are showing up, too, to surprise and delight me!