Day 12: Back to Back Movies at the Theater


Movies have been such an important part of my life. They speak to me, deeply, of life and the journeys we all must take. Some captivate me and I watch them over and over…and over, until I’ve taken in all that they have to offer to me.

Today’s first was watching two movies at the theater, back to back. This was a special treat because playing at my local theater was The Legend of Hercules and Saving Mr. Banks, two movies that connect me to favorites from my childhood. As a child, I loved the epic, hero type stories such as Hercules and Jason and the Argonauts. These movies invited me into a larger story of adventure and destiny. Watching them, something would stir in my heart and I believed there was greatness in me, too. Mary Poppins fired up my imagination and helped me to see how magical the world was. Umbrella in hand, I leapt from the top of my swing set, willing myself to fly.

Watching this current version of Hercules was pure fun. It made me think of my childhood and those Saturday afternoons at the neighborhood theater, where legends came to life and good always prevailed over evil. The cinematography and special effects were much better than in those old movies. Thankfully, good still prevailed!

I got a lump in my throat as soon as the opening score started for Saving Mr. Banks. What a wonderful telling of the story behind the Disney classic. It was nostalgic, hearing the familiar tunes created, and seeing the storyline for Mary Poppins come together. And the depiction of PL Travers and Walt Disney was excellent. Saving Mr. Banks is a film about knowing when to let go of the past and engage in life again.  I was deeply moved.

Once again, I was delighted with the way this day arranged itself. The movies were literally back to back with just enough time between them to move from one theater to another. I couldn’t have asked for two movies that more captured my childhood and to have them playing at the same theater at the perfect times was, well, magical!

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