Day 14: Buy a Chia Pet


Today’s first was all about fun! I bought a Hello Kitty Chia Pet. Chia pets were first produced in 1977.  At that time, at age 19, I considered myself too old to purchase one, although the child in me surely wanted to.

I discovered, when I went to buy a chia pet, that they are only sold during the holiday season.  I had seen many on display over Christmas, but today, I had a difficult time locating one.  At my neighborhood Walgreens, I asked if they had any left. Several enthusiastic employees immediately sprang into action.  Obviously, they weren’t very busy with more important requests at the time! The hunt for a chia pet turned into a fun game, with all of us searching up and down the aisles for the elusive chia. One very young sales associate confessed she had no idea what a chia pet was so she was uncertain what she was looking for! At last, an excited voice called out from several aisles over, “I found one!” She triumphantly held up a Hello Kitty chia pet.  She apologized that the store had no other styles available, but Hello Kitty was fine with me! And being a seasonal product, the price was 50% off.

The gardener in me loves all growing things and it will be interesting to watch the chia seeds sprout.  The youngster in me wants to see Hello Kitty grow “fur”. Sometimes we need to listen to and nurture our inner child. Today, I did.