Day 32: Yoga at Treehouse Yoga


I’ve been practicing yoga, inconsistently, for several years on my own, using DVDs. Today I had my first formal yoga class, at the Treehouse Yoga, located at 108 Main, in downtown Joplin. My sister, Linda, braved the cold and freezing drizzle to join me.

It may have been cold and dreary outside but in Sharlotte’s studio, it was warm and welcoming. We kicked off our shoes, grabbed a yoga mat and followed Sharlotte through the various poses. Tight muscles lengthened out, releasing tension, and energy surged into my body through yogic breathing.  The hum of life through my torso and limbs felt wonderful. And when a pose was a challenge for me, Sharlotte was quick to help me out, guiding my foot into the correct position and then encouraging me on. 

I love how centering yoga is. The outside world falls away and there is just my body moving and holding a pose and my breath. The chatter in my head disappears as I focus inward.

It was a very beneficial session. At the end, lying relaxed on the floor with my eyes closed, breathing deeply, I felt such peace, and so in harmony with who I am. I will return to the Treehouse Yoga studio!

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