Day 47: Guest Blog for Lu Ann Cahn


What an honor for my first today, doing a guest blog for Lu Ann Cahn. Late last year, as all the components for going beyond in 2014 were coming together, I came across an article about Lu Ann Cahn.  She is a veteran journalist and a reporter for Philadelphia’s WCAU-TV and covers breaking news and investigative stories for NBC10 News. I read her book, “I Dare Me” with fascination. Feeling stuck and wanting to make a change, she experienced a year of doing something new each day in 2010. New purpose, joy and enthusiasm flowed into her life as a result. She inspired me.  I desired to move beyond my comfort zone and stretch myself. I knew I’d found the perfect way to accomplish such a journey. My own year of firsts launched January 1.

On February 9, Day 40, I looked back with amazement and a sense of accomplishment. Yes, there was still a lot of the year ahead! But I was thrilled with how my life was shifting and opening up. I loved that my real estate business was tracking along with my personal growth. I expressed my deep gratitude to Lu Ann, by way of her Facebook page, and posted a link to my blog. She so graciously responded. And then the following day, invited me to do a guest blog for her. It is so amazing, that the one who has inspired me, is allowing me to share my adventure.

Thank you, Lu Ann Cahn, for making today’s experience a first! And for the continuing inspiration and encouragement! Following your example, I Am Daring Me as well!

You can find my guest blog post here on Lu Ann’s blog:


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