Day 50: A Day Without Complaining


Today’s first, to go the whole day without complaining, was interesting. I’m not a big complainer. And yet I suspected there were more complaints sneaking into my words and thoughts than what I realized. It would have been easier to do this first on a Sunday, when I tend to have more quiet time and less contact with people. But I had a full schedule today and it was the perfect opportunity to try this and truly gauge my level of complaining.

Keller Williams Realty has a saying: “Complaining = Garbage Magnet”.  The more I complain, the more I attract into my life to complain about. Likewise, the more gratitude I express, the more I have to express gratitude for.  I believe those principles. So it was good to do a reality check to see how I’m doing at living what I believe.

I moved through my day with a raised awareness of my thoughts and words. In conversations with others I stayed very mindful of not participating in complaining. I didn’t mind if someone needed to vent. I just didn’t need to join in and was able to listen without making a big deal about what my first was. One person, who was aware of my no complaining day, started to speak about politics and then very graciously dropped the subject!

It was complaining to myself that I had to watch. When I dropped my container of deodorant this morning, three times, rather than grumble about my clumsy fingers, I said, “‘That’s okay”. Twice today, while driving alone, other drivers reacted in unexpected ways. When a car suddenly cut in front of me, I said “Gosh!” I promise, that’s the word that came out of my mouth! Just saying that caused me to press my lips together and not utter another word. Later, when a second car blocked traffic and a fire truck trying to get through, lights and sirens going, I simply said “Stop”. I’m not sure why! Perhaps the word was spoken as a reminder to me, since the driver couldn’t hear me and was stopped already.

Being aware of the thoughts I have and the words I speak, and shifting when necessary, was a good experience today. I felt lighter, joyful, grateful and experienced high energy. That’s what I want more of in my life. I created a new saying: “Gratitude = Joy Magnet”.