Day 53: College Basketball Game


I’m not a big sports fan but today’s first, attending a college basketball game, was fun! I haven’t attended a basketball game since I was in high school, many years ago. And I’ve never been to a college level game, even though Joplin is home to Missouri Southern State University, and my kids and a nephew went to school there.

My sister, Linda, and I were given the opportunity to go to a MSSU game because we visited Southern’s booth at the Business Expo back in January. When we were offered free tickets to a game, we knew this could be a first for me and we immediately accepted. We were given the option of two dates to attend and we selected today, simply because we had plans for the other possible Saturday.

What a great date we picked! Today’s game was against major rival Pittsburg State University. It was also the last home game for MSSU and coach Robert Corn was being honored with a ceremony as he prepares to retire. This was a BIG game. A friend of mine gave us both a Southern hoodie to wear and our stepdad came up with a Go Lions! banner. We were ready to cheer for the home team!

Leggett and Platt Athletic Center was packed with fans from both universities. I’d forgotten how loud friendly rivalry is during a game and the depth of devotion some fans exhibit. You wouldn’t have known we were newbies to college basketball though. We yelled and cheered and clapped with the rest of them and groaned when a shot was deflected or a foul was called.

It was a fun afternoon. I’d definitely go to another basketball game and attending a college football game is on my list of first things as well. I’ll hang on to the banner. Go Lions!





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