Day 56: Eat at Spring River Buffet


I don’t frequent Downstream Casino. That’s not a judgment. I love that my five year old granddaughter refers to the casino as “Chuck E. Cheese for grownups”.  I just don’t enjoy gambling. However, in not going out there, other than for a couple of realtor banquets, I’ve missed out on the restaurants that are part of Downstream. For today’s first, I ate at Spring River Buffet, located within Downstream Casino.

If you are a seafood lover, Tuesday evenings is the time to dine at Spring River. It’s all you can eat, and includes plates heaped with crab legs. The same crew that accompanied me to the weather spotting class last night, sampled the buffet with me tonight. In fact, this first was my sister Linda’s idea! It was a great one!

The restaurant was beautiful and the food delicious, plentiful and artfully displayed. I’ve been reading a book called “The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life”, by Thomas Moore, and I love his chapter on food and the soulfulness of it. He writes “Food is not just for the body; it also feeds the soul.” We enjoyed a leisurely and soulful dinner. I love when I can savor a well prepared meal without having to rush to the next appointment. And the variety of food made it easy for me to eat a healthy meal without feeling like I was overdoing or missing out.

My family and I had a great time together, laughing, talking and dining. Our attentive waiter filled us in on what’s served on the buffet each night. I think I’ll visit again soon. Perhaps on a Saturday night for prime rib!




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  1. We love eating at the Spring River buffet at Downstream. We eat lunch there almost everyday. When our grandkids are visiting us from out of town that is where they expect to go. We all love our waitress Shelly .

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