Day 64: 10 Day Detox Diet


My first for today is that I have completed the 10 Day Detox Diet, as created by Dr. Mark Hyman. My body has been telling me for quite some time that I needed to eat differently. With the wonderful energy surrounding me as I do my year of moving beyond, I felt drawn to listen inward, to what my body was saying.

She was telling me she was sluggish, stiff and in pain! I have headaches quite often and several of my joints were painful. I’ve lost some mobility. I also have had high blood pressure and a blood sugar reading that was borderline. It truly was time to take back my health! I wanted to combat these ailments with good nutrition rather than medication. So I put the desire out there, “I want to be healthy!”

Standing in line at the supermarket, a woman’s magazine caught my eye. Featured on the front cover was a headline that proclaimed: 10 Day TOTAL BODY MAKEOVER! Heal imflammation, reverse diabetes, allergies and high blood pressure, end junk food cravings. Perfect! I bought the magazine, and armed with that single article and later Dr. Hyman’s book, 10 Day Detox Diet, I began a 10 day adventure.

I’ve known that inflammation is a THE cause for most illnesses, aging, weight gain and joint pain. I didn’t realize that sugar, gluten, flour and dairy products create inflammation and that they are extremely addictive. Sugar is 8 TIMES more addictive than cocaine. Wow. I went cold turkey, giving up these four substances. Dr. Hyman suggests we can do anything for 10 days. I was willing to give this diet a try and see how I felt on day 10.

And, I feel great! The first couple of days, as my body purged itself of toxins, I had a headache and itchy skin. By day 4 I was feeling higher energy, less pain, less stiffness, and no hunger. I’m sleeping better and deeper at night and wake feeling refreshed. Normal blood pressure. No headaches. No cravings. I feel clear headed, optimistic and lighter. I AM lighter. Six plus pounds melted away in 10 days. My desire is to be at optimal health. If I weigh less as a result, that’s a bonus!

Today, I’ve decided to continue with this program for another 90 days. I’m deeply grateful that I listened to my body and that I discovered Dr. Hyman’s plan. I feel like I’m contributing in a positive way to my health and wellness. I’m eating lean proteins, berries, nuts and fresh vegetables. Drinking lots of water. A month ago, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be enjoying such simple fare, but I am, and my body thanks me for it, every day.

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