Day 75: Celebrate Weston’s First Birthday


One of the things my family does well, is celebrate! We love a reason to gather and have fun. And, we especially enjoy the opportunity to gather for the birthdays of the children in the family. Today’s first was a double first! Today, Weston Miller, my great nephew, had his first birthday party and I had the privilege of being there to sing and clap and watch him celebrate, for my first.

Weston is my sister Linda’s grandson, and son of my nephew Scott and his lovely wife, Nicole. Weston was hoped for and prayed for and planned for, for a very long time before he made his entrance into the world and into our lives. All children are precious. When you have waited for years to hold the child that you’ve longed for, he is a treasure beyond compare. His mommy and daddy are such great parents. I’ve watched them with their baby boy this past year and I’m so proud of them. Weston will grow up knowing he is cherished. Add to that the adoration of his Gigi and Papa, great grandmothers and an assortment of aunts, uncles and cousins, and this boy is well loved indeed.

That was very evident this weekend as party preparations got underway! Nicole brought together a variety of ideas around a Little Monsters birthday party, carrying forward the theme from Weston’s baby shower. Nicole is one clever young woman! Linda’s living room was transformed into a party room boasting bright colors and fun, playful decorations. Little monsters were strewn about the room. Pictures on the walls were covered with colorful plastic table cloths and large eyes attached. The food was both nutritious and delightful and covered with googly eyes. One of my favorite decorations was the banner of 13 flags stretched across the French doors. The first flag had a picture of the newborn Weston, and each flag after had a pic of him as he aged, month by month. The final flag had today’s 12 month picture attached.

Weston thoroughly enjoyed his day. An adorable boy with curly red hair and big brown eyes, he easily accepted being the center of attention today. And when he grew tired, with two presents still to open, his wise mom and dad called a break to the festivities and let Weston be himself, which is an inquisitive, bright boy intent on exploring his world. Weston studies people and objects with a serious, intelligent gaze, and when he smiles, we all smile with him. It will be a joy to watch him learn and grow and become the person he is meant to be. For this day, he is one, and on the verge of walking and talking and figuring out who we all are! And that’s absolutely perfect. Happy, happy birthday, dear Weston!


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