Day 84: Visit Simply Vintage


After two full days of Continuing Education classes, and two short nights dealing with a pregnant cat and then a tiny, barely alive kitten, I needed a simple first for today! What a perfect day for visiting a newly opened shop, whose name says it all: “Simply Vintage”. My sister and mom accompanied me for a first visit.

Simply Vintage is located at 602 E 4th, in Joplin, in an old gas station from a bygone era. The building, repurposed and made into something new, is a wonderful statement about what awaits in the interior.  And a charming interior it is! Grouped together in appealing vignettes throughout the store is a collection of repurposed and vintage items for the home.

Co-owner Mary Ann Neff said they’ve had wonderful traffic and sales since their Grand Opening last Thursday. She and Julissa Russell make their own paint and give new life to furniture, chandeliers, and a variety of other items they’ve found. We enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the store, admiring their handiwork. According to Mary Ann, new items will be added weekly and special requests are taken if the customer is looking for a particular item.

I love repurposing and vintage items. It is very satisfying to save a piece of furniture that has seen better days and transform it with a new coat of paint or reform it into a new and functional item. I’m grateful for places like Simply Vintage where I can buy a finished piece. It sparks my creativity, as I wander around, while at the same time, being with items that have history, that have a story, calms my heart and soul and brings me peace. Finding a new use for an old table or dresser or chair seems honoring to the furniture and the person who originally crafted it. I will enjoy stopping by Simply Vintage often to browse and shop and see what’s new.



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