Day 130: Meditation Garden


Today was a beautiful day to spend time with my mom and sister in an early Mother’s Day lunch and a beautiful day to spend time in the garden. For my first today, I purchased and planted a Japanese Maple in the garden and added panels, clematis vines, and uniquely potted plants to the meditation garden.

Abram L. Urban says, “In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful.” I love that quote! My garden not only contains my dreams, my garden IS my dream right now, or at least, it is the first step in a series of dreams. Part of the purpose in having my backyard garden is so that it will be a beautiful sanctuary for thoughts and more dreams.

The southwest corner of the yard has been designated as the meditation garden. This is a small, intimate area, partially screened off from the rest of the garden. It is intended as a place for one, or at the most two, to sit and read, relax, sip tea or meditate and pray. A gently curving path will lead to this corner and the interior will be simple, peaceful and beautiful. I have a couple of wooden chairs that my grandfather made a long time ago. They are not in the best shape. If they can be repaired, I will use those in this quiet corner of the yard. If not, I’ll look for plain yet comfortable wooden chairs. A small wooden or metal table will provide a place for a drink or snack. There will be an assortment of plants, both in the ground around the screens and in various containers within the space. The soothing sound of water is a must so I will have a large basin or hollowed out stone resting on the ground for water and later, when an electrical line has been run, a water feature.

Greg came up with the perfect screens for the meditation garden, panels of welded wire attached at right angles to the wood privacy fence, creating a small outdoor room. I love the look of metal right now and these repurposed panels will create intimacy while allowing air to flow freely through the space. I planted four clematis vines today, to trail up the wire panels. I also bought my first Japanese Maple and planted it near the meditation garden. To the north of the meditation garden will be the Japanese garden. It seems a fitting location as the two types of gardens complement each other well. My grandson Dayan will be designing and helping to plant the Japanese garden. I’m looking forward to collaborating with him on this project!


I had fun adding flowers to more unique containers, including a small metal bucket, another wonderfully shaped metal watering can, and an old metal minnow bucket! Thanks to Greg for bringing me these great items from Arkansas! Hopefully, dark brown mulch will go down tomorrow, along the path to the meditation garden and within that space as well. I have more flowers, grasses and shrubs to plant. It will take time for the flowers to grow and fill in and time for me to find the right pieces to occupy this soulful place, but that’s okay. This is a process, not a race. I will enjoy the journey. I can stand in the center of the yard and see my dream taking shape, see the vision manifesting as reality. I am very excited and joyful about that!


My painted chair added for effect!

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