Day 131: Mother’s Day Blessings


What a lovely weekend, connecting with my kids and grandkids, mom, stepmom and sisters, and the other lovely women in my family! This was not my first Mother’s Day, of course, but today brought a couple of firsts!

My sister, Linda, and I enjoyed taking my mom and stepdad to lunch yesterday, for an early Mother’s Day treat. We enjoyed a leisurely meal and lively conversations. I am blessed to have my mom living nearby in Joplin. I get to see her often…we even attend Zumba classes together… and she never fails to offer love, support and encouragement to me on my journey.

Today I received sweet texts wishing me Happy Mother’s Day from both my daughters and Dayan. I love those girls and that amazing grandson. They bring me much joy. As I was out running errands, I heard from my son, Nate, and his fiancé, asking if they and the kids could stop by. I didn’t see the text when it was sent and almost missed getting to see this precious group! They had already stopped by the house and left a surprise, when I saw their text and arranged to meet them away from the house so I could see the kids and get hugs! This was a delightful first for today, Mother’s Day wishes and a gift from my soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Megan, and new grandsons, Joey and Oliver, along with Nate and granddaughter, Aubrey. I’m so excited to be welcoming Megan and the boys to our family.


After a quick visit and hugs and kisses, I returned home to find the surprise from Nate, Megan and the kids on the front porch, a gorgeous fuchsia plant! Another first, as I have not owned one of these plants before. I immediately hung it from a hook on the front porch, so I can enjoy looking at it as I sit on the porch swing. I love it, and I love Nate and Megan and those darling kids.

Interestingly, I have a special connection to the fuchsia plant. There is another woman who has been a wonderful mother figure in my life, Greg’s mom, whom the kids called Mimi Leta.  She was a gentle, generous woman who, never having had a daughter of her own, showered me with affection and kindness. Mimi Leta adored her grandkids and my children have fond memories of her tenderness, playfulness and her funny sayings. Sadly, she succumbed to Alzheimer’s 15 years ago.

Earlier today, Greg and I had been talking about his mother and reminiscing about her as we looked through old photos. This afternoon, looking at the beautiful plant, I remembered that Mimi Leta loved fuchsias and always had one hanging on her front porch during the summer months. Nate didn’t remember that, and Megan didn’t know. This surprise is a wonderful reminder of their love and a sweet connection to someone who welcomed me into her family with open arms and an open heart. I will think of Nate, Megan and their kids as I water and care for the plant, and remember Leta warmly. I think she would be delighted that I have a fuchsia this summer!


Leta Davidson Moore