Day 171: Pick Up Aubrey From School


Sometimes, it is the little things that brighten my day and bring joy to my heart. Although seemingly small, these experiences are nonetheless memorable. For my first today, I had the privilege of picking up my granddaughter, Aubrey, from school.

Five year old Aubrey starts kindergarten in the fall. One part of me recognizes that this bright young lady is fully ready to embark on this next adventure on her journey. And another part of me can’t believe she’s already old enough to be in school! Aubrey did not attend preschool, so she is taking part in the Jump Start program. It is designed to give incoming kindergarten students a chance to become familiar with school routines and expectations while enriching their education through fun and engaging activities.

This, then, is Aubrey’s first experience with school and she has embraced it. It is a long day for her, and yet she remains positive and excited about it, except for the mandatory nap time. She loves recess and learning. She is proud of the work she brings home. And, she was happy to report after her first day, that she had made five new friends. That’s not surprising. Aubrey values friendships and engages others easily.

When my son asked if I could pick up Aubrey today, while he picked up Joey and Oliver, I was happy to help out! I wanted to see this sweet child with her classmates and friends and enjoy some girl chat time while we waited for her dad and the boys to meet us at the house. Aubrey was watching for me to arrive as I parked the car. She clutched her school work and waited patiently with her classmates as I crossed the street. The wind was blowing her long hair and she gave me a happy smile as I snapped a picture to capture today’s first.

What fun, as we drove away from school, to get to ask her about her day. It was party day at school, she was pleased to tell me. The kids watched a movie and ate snow cones. When she asked me to guess what color of snow cone she had, I only had to glance at her face in the rear view mirror to guess correctly. Her lips were blue! She shared about the letter “L”, and how the words Love, Leaf and Lollipop all begin with that letter. We talked about her best friends. And I learned what she ate for lunch. Even though it was a party day, that nap time was still observed, but I suspect Aubrey, who has been arising very early on school days, appreciated it more than she let on.

At home, we sat in the porch swing and watched for the guys. I admired her drawing of hearts and a rainbow. Her blue eyes would sparkle and her mouth curve into a broad smile as we talked more about what she was learning in school and about her friends and the upcoming weekend. I treasured this first. All too quickly, Aubrey will be in middle school and then junior high and then….graduating from high school and leaving for college. For those precious moments though, she was a happy five year old, full of stories and wonder and joy, sharing with me, her Yaya, about her day. What a beautiful time.


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