Day 214: Open to Receive Day

I-am-open-to-recieve e

This morning, as I sat in the garden, I considered what I might do for my first today. I had several options. As I enjoyed the sights and scents around me, an idea came to me. A simple idea. Stay open all day to receiving. I turned the idea over in my mind and the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. I didn’t ask for anything or expect any particular gift. I decided to stay in the attitude of openness and be aware of all the blessings that I received.

Once that decision was made, my awareness shifted immediately. The first gift I received was the beauty of my surroundings. I rose from my chair and slowly walked along the pathway that winds through my garden. I stopped to touch several plants, and admire how they give so freely of who they are. Their fragrances wafted about me. They didn’t give to me because I asked anything from them. In their being, they offered, and in my state of being receptive, I accepted.

The cats joined me in the garden and I was the recipient of their love and affection. I laughed as they wound around my legs, vying for my attention and purring as I scratched behind their ears. Back in the house, as I prepared to head to the office, I drew a random card from my homemade deck of affirmations. I draw a card every morning, from the 100 quotes and sayings I’ve written down. This morning I drew the card that reads, “I am willing to surrender”. How appropriate for today. In allowing myself to be open to receive, without expectation, I could surrender the need to know how I would be blessed this day. I surrendered worry that I wouldn’t receive anything. How could that happen? So many good things had shown up already. I surrendered planning out how the day could go so that I might receive more easily. I simply surrendered….and fully opened to allowing.

The day was lovely. A few of the blessings I received today included a large yellow and black butterfly that fluttered around me as I walked to daughter Adriel’s house, her loan of a very nice camera for my trip, visitors to my garden who got to view it for the first time, and offers on properties. I engaged in great conversations today and learned from watching author and speaker Thomas Moore on YouTube as he spoke of art and dreams. He shared about the healing properties of the color blue, which is my favorite color, and I smiled as I looked down at my long blue T-shirt dress that I wear around the house.

Via email I received an invitation to write articles about my trip to Scotland to include in the Clan Maitland publication. I was also given information about visiting the burial site of many of my Scottish ancestors and was told how to “open doors” on my journey. A friend blessed me with her email also, and the amazing energy from her words could not be contained as it flowed over me. I will carry her well wishes with me as I travel. Another friend surprised and inspired me with a text full of pictures from her own lovely flower gardens.

This evening I received greetings and kisses from my grandchildren Aubrey, Oliver and Joey and warm hugs from Nate and Megan. For a couple of hours I was blessed with seeing the world anew through the eyes of those precious children as we walked to the cul-de-sac, or rather they outpaced me on their scooters while I trailed behind. Holding their small hands and hearing their stories blessed me so much.

Songs on shuffle on my iPhone touched me, grace surrounded me and total strangers gave me the gift of their smiles and kind words. Abundance comes in many forms, and today, I was on the receiving end of joy, beauty, kindness, love, family, friends, great clients, affection, opportunity and well wishes. I am grateful for my “Open to Receive” Day and all that flowed to me. I am blessed, indeed.

Cindy is open and ready to receive e

Day 213: The Boy Friend Musical

The Boy Friend e

What a fun evening as my sister Linda and I saw a performance of The Boy Friend at Joplin Little Theater. Seeing the musical was a first for me, and for Linda, it was not only her first time to see the musical, but her first time to be in the Joplin Little Theater. We had great seats near the front and settled in to enjoy an outstanding production.

The Boy Friend is a musical comedy, written in three acts, by Sandy Wilson. This British musical is a spoof, intended to playfully make fun of the musicals presented in the 1920’s. Written in the early 1950’s, the London production, which began in 1954, ran for 2078 performances. The show opened on Broadway in September of the same year and ran for 485 performances, and marked the Broadway debut of Julie Andrews in the role of Polly Browne.

The Joplin production was directed by Carolyn McGowan with choreography by Angela Lowe. Musical director was Clint Newby and Vocal Director, Becky Seidl. The 2014-2015 season at Joplin Little Theater celebrates the theater’s 75th anniversary. In 1960 The Boy Friend was the first Broadway musical performed at JLT. The 2014 version boasts a very talented group of young performers in the title roles and some returning favorites playing the more mature roles.

The musical is set in the Villa Caprice where we meet a lively bunch of young women at Mme Dubonnet’s School for Young Ladies. The central character, Polly Browne (Lindsey Daniels), is a young heiress who, sadly, is the only girl there without a boyfriend. So she makes one up. There is a carnival ball that evening and Polly is in a predicament, until she meets the handsome young messenger, Tony (Forrest Bunter), who is delivering her costume for the evening. The two hit it off and make arrangements to meet later in the day. Concerned that Tony will want her for her wealth, Polly pretends to be a secretary at the school.

There is love all over the villa! Polly’s widowed father Percy (Ricardo Field) arrives, and Mme Dubonnet (Becky Seidl) recognizes her long ago lover. Polly’s friends, the girls, all have beaus who hang on their every word and garner promises for dances at the upcoming ball. Lord and Lady Brockhurst, (Matt Myers and Kelly Purser) are a wealthy English couple visiting the villa and lamenting the loss of their son, who has disappeared. Or at least, Lady Brockhurst is. Lord Brockhurst has an eye for the lovely ladies, and an ever present martini in his hand.

By the time the carnival ball arrives, we discover who Tony really is and there are glad reunions, joyful kisses and many happily paired off couples. They rejoice with a dance and a song, of course!

This was an extremely engaging, high energy production. Linda and I laughed and applauded throughout the musical. What a talented cast and the songs and dance numbers were exceptional. And yes, there were lots of moments of hamming it up, as this was, after all, a spoof, or a pastiche as the British call it. I was delighted by the performances and sitting as close as we did, I appreciated the adorable facial expressions and over the top gestures.

Matt Myers, who portrayed Lord Brockhurst, brought the most laughs with his slightly inebriated mannerisms and his roving eye and deep appreciation for the pretty girls. He warmed up the audience with introductions before the show. I loved the duet between him and the character Dulcie, played wonderfully by Chelsie Jefferies, called “It’s Never Too Late to Fall in Love”.

I have so enjoyed the Joplin Little Theater productions this year. It took having a year of firsts to get me to become a regular patron. But a regular I now am. I am excited for the new season and JLT’s 75th Anniversary celebration!

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