Day 215: Practice for the Trip


Today’s first was a necessity for me. With my trip to Scotland just three days away, I declared a practice time. It is important to me to capture this amazing journey via my Moving Beyond blog and by way of photos. My first, therefore, was to familiarize myself with the camera that my daughter Adriel loaned me and publish today’s blog from my phone.

I have a small digital camera that I use in my real estate work. It takes decent pics and serves its purpose well. This feels like a big trip, this journey to the land of my ancestors. It feels like I need a bigger, better camera to accurately memorialize the experience.

I’m grateful for the loan of the camera. I bought a memory card today and formatted it in the camera. I took practice photos in the garden, only to discover I had no images on the card. Practice is good, right? I’m glad there’s a book included. And grateful for Greg who is figuring out the camera. I’ll get this down.

The camera has a zoom lens, rechargeable batteries and a carrying case. The case even has a waterproof cover that unfolds from a pocket, in case of rain. How perfect for Scottish weather!

Until this evening, I have used my laptop to create and post my daily blogs. I don’t want to take the laptop along on the trip. I downloaded the WordPress mobile app several months ago and already use it every day to look at stats or respond to comments.

Rather than typing the post in my laptop’s word processing and then copying and pasting to WordPress, I am typing directly on the blog site. I take all of my blog photos with my iPhone anyway. My current method of blogging involves emailing the pics to myself, saving them on the computer and then editing them and uploading them with the post. Using the mobile app eliminates several steps with the photos. Most of my editing involves simple cropping and resizing if necessary, which can be done on my phone.

It has been easy to prepare this post on my phone. I use text messaging a LOT, so I can type quickly on my phone’s keyboard. I’m also rather famous for typos and funny autocorrects….just ask my kids…so I will need to proof read carefully!

I will look at the quality of the blog post, after publishing. And the camera has been figured out. Today I purchased the last items needed for the trip. I’ll add an international calling and texting plan tomorrow, drag out my big suitcase and begin packing. And then, I’m ready!

Oh, am I ready! Let the adventure to Scotland begin!