Day 218: International Flight to Scotland


Not much time or opportunity to blog today! I am on my way to Scotland. After a very brief night, my cousins Mindy and Harry and I were graciously taxied to the Tulsa Airport by Greg. None of us slept much last night!

Our first leg of the trip went smoothly and we arrived quickly in Houston. What a big airport. By the time we got to our departure gate we didn’t have much of a layover at all. We enjoyed Texas BBQ at The Real Food Company and a few minutes of people watching. Airports are fascinating places! People on their journeys, some are happy to be traveling and some are not. Waiting in the gate area I form a quiet camaraderie with my fellow journeyers. I nod at those who are excited and smile at those who seem nervous about the flight. For a short time, we are joined in our adventures.

This was my first time in Houston and my first time in the northeast. And, my first international flight. In a short time we will board our plane for the last leg of our flight. The next time I post, I’ll be saying “Feasgar math” from Scotland!

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