Day 232: Welcome Back Arby’s

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Three years ago, when the tornado tore through Joplin, both of our Arby’s restaurants were in the path of destruction. One was located on south Main Street and the other was on south Range Line. Both buildings were demolished and at that time, Arby’s chose not to rebuild.  If I had a craving for an Arby’s roast beef sandwich, I had to drive to Webb City. True, it’s not that far to go, but I’ve missed having an Arby’s nearby.

Today, for my first, I had the joy of purchasing a meal via the new Arby’s drive through. The red and white restaurant is located at 2408 S. Range Line, which is a little further south than the original site. I know many in Joplin were excited to hear the announcement that Arby’s was, at last, returning to town. I’ve enjoyed the restaurants that have opened since the tornado that are new to Joplin, and I appreciate the variety of eating establishments to choose from. I’ve also celebrated the return of each restaurant that rose again from the ruins.

The site on Range Line was the former location of KFC, however all traces of that restaurant disappeared as remodeling transformed the building. Arby’s officially opened yesterday, August 19. According to the Joplin Globe, eager customers began lining up at 3:00 am, seven hours before the doors opened at 10:00, to welcome Arby’s back to town. Famous for their roast beef sandwiches, the fast food chain also offers smoked turkey, ham, brisket and chicken plus Angus steak, corned beef and pepper bacon.

I celebrated Arby’s return with a mouthwatering Reuben on rye bread, and a side of potato cakes. The sandwich was piled high with sliced corn beef, cheese and sauerkraut and was delicious. I actually went all out and added a cherry turnover to enjoy later. Welcome back, Arby’s!

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