Day 252: Further Explore Springfield Botanical Gardens

botanical grasses beauty

Today’s first was a delight for me. I returned to the Springfield Botanical Gardens to stroll through parts of the garden that I had not seen yet. I visited the Gardens in early spring, for the first time. Most of the plants were just beginning to push up through the earth. I enjoyed the trails and sitting near the lake, but knew I’d return at some point to see the gardens in full bloom.

In late spring I visited the Japanese Garden that is part of the Botanical Gardens, but I did not visit the rest of the gardens, saving that for a future visit. I realized today that if I didn’t get back to the Botanical Gardens soon, I’d miss them entirely if I wanted to see the matured plants. Today, I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to make a spontaneous trip to Springfield. Also, for my first today, I am going to show what I saw as I meandered through the beautiful gardens, rather than tell about my adventure. This is my first pictorial blog post!

botanical winter garden

Water feature in the Winter Garden

botanical white garden

The White Garden

botanical hosta garden

Water Feature in the Hosta Garden

botanical hosta garden 2

The amazing Hosta Garden

botanical english garden

The English Garden

botanical english garden 3

Gorgeous English Garden

botanical english garden 2

botanical grasses garden

Ornamental Grasses Garden

botanical grasses close up

botanical grasses garden 2

Love Grasses

botanical butterfly garden

Butterfly Garden

botanical monarch

Monarch Butterfly in Butterfly House


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