Day 266: Hobbit Jigsaw Puzzle


Continuing in the spirit of Tolkien Week, today for my first I started on a new jigsaw puzzle. After a long day, getting into my comfy clothes and engaging in this quiet activity, with a fresh cup of tea nearby, was the perfect end to the day.

Greg bought me this 550 piece puzzle for Christmas last year. I love it! It features characters from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I’ve been saving the puzzle for the right moment.

I often work puzzles during the cold winter months when the evenings are long. It quiets my body, while freeing my mind. I love the challenge of creating the picture, piece by piece, moving from chair to chair around the small table, to keep a fresh perspective.

Rather than save this puzzle for later in the year, Tolkien Week seemed the perfect time to dump out the pieces and begin. My favorite characters from the first Hobbit movie are all there, in interesting shapes and colorful bits. My intention is to complete the puzzle by Sunday, which signals the end of a week that celebrated Hobbits and the creator of Middle Earth, JRR Tolkien.

Here are the straight edges linked together to form the frame. Tomorrow, on to the middle!


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