Day 294: Business After Hours at Keller Williams


The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, which is an amazing five star organization, holds a networking event once a month at various member locations. The purpose is two fold: it gives JACC members an opportunity to chat with others about business and life and set up appointments to meet and further each other’s businesses and it allows a company to shine in the spotlight by hosting the event.

This evening Keller Williams Realty hosted the Business After Hours, opening its doors and firing up the grill to welcome the business community. I believe Keller Williams had an after hours years ago, when the company first opened a market center in Joplin. However, this was the first Business After Hours in its current location and my first time to participate here in the Keller Williams office.


It was a beautiful evening for this get together and the KW Social Committee did a wonderful job of preparing for and hosting the fun event. I know agents Debbie, Joni, Sandy and Barbara put in many hours of work before the first guests arrived at 5:30 today. Our Team Leader, Vicki, was busy running a vacuum cleaner when I arrived late this afternoon and our Director of First Impressions, Dylan, was tidying up and wiping down counters. Members of the Social Committee were finishing up food prep in the kitchen while out back, on the patio, drinks were chilling in tubs of ice and Tim was grilling brats. Throughout our gorgeous building, agents were making sure their offices were neat and the hallways clear. I love the people and culture of KW. This feels like a family and we operate as such in the office. We uphold the culture by supporting and encouraging each other in all aspects of our businesses and our lives.


The Business After Hours was a success. The food was plentiful and delicious and the drinks cold. A jazz band performed beneath a KW canopy. And the back patio and parking lot overflowed with business people chatting in groups, exchanging biz cards and setting up appointments and lunches. I loved seeing people I haven’t seen in a while and also greeting friends and fellow agents that I see frequently. Next week I’ll enjoy several lunches and meetings that I set up tonight. And I had the pleasure of introducing some people to each other and connecting people together. I appreciate that in Joplin, and at Keller Williams, it’s not about competing so much as it is working together to make everyone successful and profitable. I am very proud to be part of such an extraordinary community and part of such an innovative and progressive company. I am blessed!

BAH KW jazz band


Day 293: First Step to BOLD with Kara Moll

BOLD logo

While I am not new to Keller Williams’ BOLD class, having participated four times before, today’s First Step to BOLD was a first for a couple of reasons. This is the first time we’ve had a female BOLD coach and each BOLD class I’ve participated in the past four years has changed and freshened the material by about 30%. Today this proved true as well, with new material included that gave me plenty to ponder and incorporate into my life.

BOLD, which is an acronym for Business Objective: a Life by Design, is a transformative program created by Keller Williams CEO of Mega Achievement Productivity Systems, Dianna Kokoszka. BOLD conditions and trains agents with mindset exercises, language techniques and lead generation techniques. The class meets once a week, for seven weeks, covering seven steps. It focuses on mastery of basic real estate principles, with a strong directive to practice lead generation daily, yet what makes this program unique is the emphasis as well on quantum physics, mindset principles and energy work. BOLD isn’t just another real estate course. It teaches us to be the very best people we can be, and allow our businesses to track along with our personal growth.

The program uses inspiring quotes known as “BOLD Laws”. Some of my favorites include “What you focus on expands”, “BE DO HAVE” and “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” I have appreciated the BOLD Laws so much that I made my own deck of cards with the laws printed out on them and included quotes from other sources. I randomly draw a card each morning from my deck of affirmations and place it on my bathroom mirror for the day.

I was drawn to BOLD because of the emphasis on mindset. Dianna says that business is 90% mindset, so that is where the BOLD program begins with the First Step. Today, I had the privilege of receiving instruction and encouragement from Kara Moll, a BOLD Coach from the Chicago, IL area. She had a fun, engaging style of teaching and brought fresh perspective to the BOLD material. I wrote down several principles that stood out to me:

  • “You are always prepping for the next opportunity or robbing yourself of it, based on your current activities.” Dianna Kokoszka
  • I have lived, I have loved, I have made a difference. (I embrace this truth!)
  • I am only one belief away from changing my life. Life isn’t happening to me, I’m creating it. If I don’t like it, change it. My life is a result of my beliefs.

Kara talked about defining moments in life, sharing stories from the lives of people like Zig Ziglar. I believe mine came several years ago, when I decided to face down my fears and embrace fully who I am and open my heart to living as my authentic self. There has been no turning back from that moment. There have been other crucial moments, times of growth and times of releasing the past and old pain, yet I can look back to the moment when I declared, “No more being afraid.” as the point of shift….and change.

Kara shared that she didn’t want us to leave the class today, as the same people who came in. I loved that and set my intention to make Kara’s objective a reality. I made notes, highlighted exercises to complete and explore further, and wrote questions for myself, to answer after a time of reflection. BOLD….Business Objective a Life by Design. The rest of that saying is…not by default. I am so grateful to Keller Williams, Dianna Kokoszka and the BOLD coaches, including Kara Moll, for encouraging me to live an extraordinary life!

BOLD Kara Moll

BOLD Coach Kara Moll

Day 292: Fall Floral Arrangement

fall arrangement close up

What a beautiful, tranquil fall day. Each warm sunny day is a gift, this time of year. I had time this afternoon, in the midst of much needed housework and completing the fall decorating, to relax in the garden, savoring a cup of tea while soaking up gentle sunshine. The garden never fails to bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. It also inspired my first today!

As I looked at the last offerings of the flowers and herbs still flourishing in the garden, I decided to gather blooms for a fall bouquet. I don’t cut flowers very often, preferring to enjoy them in their natural state. However, with the first hard frost, these plants will go dormant for the winter. I cut a selection of blooms and sprigs of herbs and brought them inside.

Using a white pitcher, I created a fun arrangement. I’m certainly not an expert on floral designs. I just went with what was appealing to me. The bouquet has a mix of plants, including yellow Blanket Flowers, white Snow Hill Salvia and the delicate looking Pink Fountain Gaura and among the herbal plants, I included Russian sage, lavender and three varieties of basil. I like the casual way the arrangement came together and I LOVE the way it smells! I included the flower filled pitcher in the fall vignette on the dining room table. Every time I walk by, the fragrance makes me smile.

I am really happy with the arrangement! At first glance, it resembles a spring bouquet. On closer inspection, it is apparent that these blooms are fading, albeit, they are still beautiful, still smell wonderful. I love the grace of that. What a wonderful reminder of this past season and the gift of beauty and joy that the garden has given to me.

Fall arrangement boquet

Day 291: Sweetest Day

sweetest day

This is another holiday that I had never heard of, before this year, even though it has been in existence since 1921. Created by a group of confectioners in Cleveland, Ohio, the day was designed to increase the sale of sweets on the date originally set aside for Sweetest Day, October 8.

Called the Sweetest Day of the Year Committee, the group of candy makers distributed more than 20,000 boxes of candy to newsboys, orphans, the elderly and the poor on October 8, 1922, aided by several movie stars of that era, including Theda Bara and Ann Pennington. By the 1930’s the Confectioners Association had launched a movement throughout the candy industry to rank Sweetest Day up there with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Although the holiday has not become as popular or well known as those other special days, Hallmark and American Greetings both have lines of cards devoted to Sweetest Day, with about 80% of those being romantic in nature. Now the day is always celebrated on the third Saturday of October. It is still a day to share sweets with the sweet people in our lives. This prospect made it a day to celebrate, for me!

sweetest day cake

Today presented many opportunities to spend time with some of the most important people in my life and partake of several sweet treats, since it is a day to indulge, after all. Grandson Dayan and the Bulldog Marching Band competed in Rogers, AR for their final competition of this semester. I joined Greg, daughter Elissa, her fiancé Josh and grandson Jonathan for a trip to AR to watch the Bulldog Marching Band perform. We began the trip by filling the car up with gas, and small sweet treats from the convenience store. After the band completed their routine we joined Dayan, the band members and family members who had also made the trip for a celebration of the wonderful year that the band has had with…..cake! How appropriate for Sweetest Day. On the way back to Joplin we stopped for an early dinner at Dairy Queen and finished up the meal with mini blizzards.

sweetest day blizzard

Back in Joplin I had the brief but sweet opportunity to wave at daughter Adriel as we drove by her house as she was preparing to go to work. I did get to call out, “I love you!” but did not get to share a sweet treat with her. After dropping Elissa and her family at their car, Greg accompanied me to son Nate’s house to pick up granddaughter Aubrey. Nate and Megan had friends over this evening and I got to have Aubrey for the night. That in itself is a sweet treat! We enjoy our sleepovers. After a short visit with Nate and Megan, Aubrey and I then picked up my sister Linda and met my mom and stepdad at Baskin Robbins for the last sweets of the day. Our merry little group gathered around a table and chatted as we enjoyed Aubrey’s stories and each other’s company AND….scoops of ice cream. Aubrey even topped her rainbow sherbet with gummy bears. Each of us had a different flavor of ice cream and offered each other sample bites.

After spending a bit more time with my sister at her house, playing school with Aubrey, who played the role of Teacher, my little granddaughter and I returned home to call it a night. We started the movie Frozen on the TV/DVD player in the bedroom and colored in a puppy coloring book for a few minutes before my little princess drifted off to sleep. What a full and fun day. I got to spend it with people I love and care about, who are very sweet and dear to me, which is the real intent of Sweetest Day. I missed getting to see grandsons Joey and Oliver and family in OK but I got to see, even if briefly, most of my immediate family today. I believe I’ll include this special day next year. I have many sweeties to celebrate!

sweetest day ice cream


Day 290: Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Covers Exhibit

Norman Rockwell Spiva Exhibit

What a treat today, for my first. Spiva Center for the Arts has on loan the amazing Norman Rockwell exhibit, featuring 323 magazine covers from the Saturday Evening Post. Spanning 47 years, the covers not only showcase Rockwell’s talent but capture life in America during those years. Spiva is located at 222 W. 3rd Street, in Joplin, and has the exhibit until November 8, 2014.

I was very excited to view this exhibit. Norman Rockwell is one of America’s most well known and beloved artists. I am very familiar with some of the covers yet I looked forward to browsing the rest and enjoying more of these slice of life paintings. The art center had the covers arranged well, for viewing, with music from the period playing softly in the background. While photography was not allowed, and understandably so, it was very easy to find Rockwell’s work online and use samples for this blog post.

Norman Rockwell, 1894-1978, knew from an early age that he wanted to be an illustrator. Painting and drawing since childhood, Rockwell transferred from high school to the Chase Art School at the age of 14. He went on to the National Academy of Design and the Arts Student League. His first major breakthrough came at the age of 18 when he did his first book illustration for Tell Me Why: Stories about Mother Nature.

Norman Rockwell Triple Self Portrait

In 1912 he was hired as an artist for Boy’s Life, and the following year became the art editor, a position he held for three years. At the age of 21, in 1916, he sold his first cover to the Saturday Evening Post, a piece entitled Home Duty. At that time, the Post was a weekly publication that had been in existence for more than 100 years. Rockwell decided to go after the best, and to try where competition would be the strongest. He hand delivered two painted covers and a third sketch to Walter Dower, who was Post’s art editor. Dower bought the covers on the spot, asked Rockwell to complete the sketch and commissioned three more covers. Rockwell’s career was launched and the partnership with Post would continue for more than four decades.

Norman Rockwell Home Duty

Home Duty, Rockwell’s first Post cover

I enjoyed viewing his work. Grouped by decades, I could see the evolution of Rockwell’s work, from less colorful yet detailed pieces to rich, colorful paintings that included much detail in the backgrounds as well as with the subjects. What did not change over the years was Rockwell’s focus on people and the myriad aspects of their lives. Through Rockwell’s homey portraits I could glimpse life as it was lived, from 1916 through the 1960’s, when the illustrator left Post to design covers for Look. Optimistic, for the most part, whimsical, hopeful, Rockwell presented scenes that were both familiar and thought provoking. He often used children, youth and pets in his scenes and some of his best known covers portray the often rowdy yet innocent lives of the young and young at heart.

Norman Rockwell Sorting the Mail      Norman Rockwell Marble Champion

I saw the covers I expected to see, those that are so well known. The ones I studied the most were the ones unfamiliar to me. There were covers with clowns in them and adults dreaming of adventure. The joys and heartbreaks of love were captured on several covers, as were the challenges of family life and the trials of serving the country during wartime. Rockwell never focused on the negative. He allowed newspapers to carry those headlines and stories. He chose, instead, to celebrate life, and show his patrons what they themselves looked like and what they were capable of.

Christopher Finch, who wrote the introduction in the book, 50 Norman Rockwell Favorites, said, “The images he created have become part of the fabric of our popular culture. He held up a friendly mirror to the society he lived in, and Americans have looked into this glass and seen themselves as warm, decent, hard-working citizens of a country bountiful enough to accommodate their boundless optimism.” Norman Rockwell did, indeed, gift us with his amazing perspective, capturing scenes that are ordinary and yet timeless, easily recognized and yet marked distinctly with his own style of painting. I am very grateful for the opportunity to see such a rich body of work.

Norman Rockwell Homecoming GI

Day 289: Play Minecraft with Dayan


I thank Dayan for today’s first. He had the patience to teach his Yaya the basics of Minecraft. I’ve watched Dayan play this game. My grandson Jonathan had a Minecraft birthday party. I am familiar with the game. Until today, I have never attempted to play it.

When I was a young teen, a revolutionary new game appeared. It was called Pong. Created to simulate a table tennis game, this two dimensional black and white game, released in 1972, paved the way for the video game industry. Before long, arcades were opening in malls and games such as Pac Man, Galaga and Donkey Kong became the new thing in entertainment. Somewhere after Pac Man, I stopped playing video games except for an occasional try at running Mario through the many worlds of Super Mario Bros. I did that mostly for the amusement of my kids who played the game with ease. The music still brings back memories of watching my young children, with amazement, as they leapt and flew and bounced their way to saving the princess.

minecraft pong video game

Games and the graphics have advanced greatly over the years, moving beyond TV screens to computers, phones and iPads. I enjoy watching the grandkids play, and sometimes I play the Sims, which is more of a creative game rather than a skill based game. I asked Dayan recently if he would teach me how to play Minecraft, as a first. This afternoon, we had time for Lesson One.

The original game was created in 2009 by Markus Persson, known on Twitter as Notch. The prototype was called Cave Game and was built on the premise of breaking and creating blocks in a 3D world. The game continued to evolve, with resources being added and a protagonist named Steve. The name shifted to Minecraft and was officially launched on November 18, 2011. At first people built structures to protect against nocturnal creatures. Then players began to build more and more elaborate structures, communities and cities. There is a survival mode and a creative mode. Dayan most enjoys playing in creative mode where he can build cities with amazing structures in them.

When given the choice, I opted for creative mode too. Today’s lesson was about how to use the game controller and how to move my character. It sounds simple enough! Except it had been quite a while since I had held a controller. I had to peer at it to hit the right button, while Dayan does it instinctively. Getting the hang of that, I practiced moving my character around. I discovered my little avatar seemed to prefer staring up at the sky. Dayan is so very patient. He is a great teacher. At last I was able to destroy blocks, add blocks of materials from the resources panel, walk around and fly. Flying is cool and the fastest way to move to a new location on the game. I practiced rising into the air and then following Dayan’s character, who is sporting a kilt I might add, as he led me onward in search of a site to create a city together.

Lesson One ended, as we had downtown Joplin to explore for the final Third Thursday. Next week, we will begin to build structures. This will be fun. Dayan even named our world Rivendell. Rather than being an observer, I will create. As in life, enough of me watching from the sidelines. I am ready to engage!

minecraft structure

One of the top 15 structures created in Minecraft. It has a Rivendell look!

Day 288: National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Day – Wave of Light

National Preg and Infant Loss Day

While I don’t normally observe two National Days in a row, this one is significant and has become important to me. I became aware of this National Day by following the tender love story of Baby Shane and his amazing parents. I wanted to post the blog early today so that those who wish to can participate in the Wave of Light this evening.

In 1988 President Ronald Reagan designated the month of October as Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. In 2002 October 15 was designated as a day of remembrance and in 2006 the date became a National Day. National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Day is a day for remembering pregnancy loss and infant death including, but not limited to, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, death of a newborn or SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). This is a day for raising awareness and supporting the moms, dads, siblings and other family members who have lost a baby, and surrounding them with love and light.

My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, so early that we did not even have a chance to share the news with family. My doctor patted me on the shoulder and told me to go get pregnant again. I think because I had only just become aware that I might be pregnant, and then it was over, I remained silent about this loss for many years. It would be another 18 months before I would become pregnant again. I was blessed with three beautiful children and was privileged to be their mother and watch them grow into wonderful, caring adults. And sometimes I wondered about that first baby, what he would have looked like, who he would have become. Sometimes I caught a glimpse of him, my spirit child, and he aged up just as my earth children did, yet I didn’t speak of him. I didn’t even give him a name until a few years ago. But now I am breaking the silence. I call him Daniel and I confess, I talk to him regularly. He would have been 37 years old this year. I ask him to do the big brother thing and watch over his brother and sisters here on earth. Because he is a great older brother, he does.

This evening, as part of the National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Day, those who wish to take part in remembering their own departed babies, or who wish to show support and love for those who have lost a baby, can light a white candle at 7:00 pm and let it burn for an hour. Each time zone will light the candles as 7:00 approaches, and in that way, a wave of light will sweep over the world. What an amazing way to show that these tiny lives mattered. They have had an impact. They were here and gone too soon, and yet they had purpose, and stories. They are loved still and missed.

Tonight, I light a candle to show my love and support for the families who have experienced the loss of a baby. I acknowledge those who hold their babies in their hearts rather than their arms, and have the hope of being reunited with them again. Someday, I will see Daniel. And no matter how old he appears to be, I will get the chance to hold him, cradle him in my arms, kiss his cheeks. Tonight, I light a candle for Daniel.

National Preg and Infant Loss Day Wave of Light

Day 287: National Face Your Fears Day

National Face Your Fears Day

Who knew that there was a day specifically set aside for facing ones fears? I didn’t, until this month. According to, this holiday is always the second Tuesday in October, so the date changes each year. This year it is today, October 14. And for my first, I “celebrated” the day by being mindful of my journey and all the fears I have overcome.

Fear is a powerful emotion that can paralyze us, keeping us stuck in a supposed safe place. Many terrors begin in childhood because of an incident beyond the control of the child, such as fear of water because of a near drowning, fear of storms because of a tornado passing through, fear of the dark because of strange noises emanating from the closet. The memory or energy of that incident remains trapped within and each time a similar event occurs, that memory gets triggered, and the energy stirs, and we feel it as butterflies in the stomach or an icy grip around our hearts. We pull back. We begin to avoid those things which trigger the fear and a phobia is born.

I know all about fear. I lived most of my life in the clutches of it. Many of those fears were common fears… of the dark, of dolls, of strong storms, of loss, death and isolation, of failure, of not being enough. It took reaching middle age, and the loss of two dear people, to realize that all my fears centered around one major, deep seated fear. I was afraid of who I was, at my core, and the gifts I’d been given to share with the world. I was afraid to shine, as the person I was Divinely created to be.

Watching The Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring about 12 years ago, a scene caught my attention. I knew I was seeing a picture of myself played out on my tv screen. Gandalf the Grey, the wizard in the film, is leading the fellowship through the mines of Moria. The little band of travelers has just discovered that the occupants of the mine are all dead. There is a darkness in the mines that goes beyond a lack of light. Gandalf raises his staff and allows a very small amount of light to shine forth, lighting their way. He whispers, “Let us hope that our presence may go unnoticed.” I replayed that scene over and over and something shifted near my heart. That was me, not allowing my light to shine brightly, hoping that my presence would go unnoticed. That fear of shining as my true self kept me small and invisible. It caused me to be a people pleaser, an avoider of conflict and controversy, silent when my voice could have made a difference. It was my smallness caught in isolation that created the fear of death and loss, fear of the dark, fear of being alone.

My journey shifted as well that day. Oh, the fears didn’t disappear overnight. But as I released fear after fear, I began to draw amazing people and situations to me that gave me opportunity to shine as the person I am created to be. And finally, as I fully embraced who I am and all that I am, gifts, abilities and quirks, I could quietly, courageously face the last of my fears and watch them drop away. The dark no longer menaced me and I no longer had to fear being alone, especially at night. It is a continuing journey, walking as me, finding my voice, and I am still learning and growing into what that means and how to offer who I am to others.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” I agree. By facing my fear, I have done that which I never thought I could do, in many areas of my life. I am grateful for National Face Your Fears Day because it reminds me of how far I have journeyed, and what is possible when I shine bright. There is no place within me for fear to hide in that great light.

heart of light 2

Day 286: Fall Vignette in Vintage Suitcase

vintage suitcase fall

Fall is well under way in Missouri. Today was a classic example of the season, with cool temps and an abundance of rain. Fall décor has been a bit slow to make an appearance at my house. This evening, I opened the storage boxes and began unpacking pumpkins and candle holders, wreaths and pillows. I had time to really focus on one project. I chose to transform the vintage suitcase from spring/summer to fall, creating this look for the first time with the suitcase and also displaying a central piece for the first time.

I have really enjoyed this old suitcase. Last year I brought it out from the closet where it had rested for years and dusted it off. I had such a great time creating a Christmas vignette in my grandfather’s old army truck that I wanted to keep going! The suitcase is small enough to fit atop my bedroom dresser and large enough to create fun vignettes within it. Tonight I packed away the summery items nestled inside and perused the fall decorations scattered around my dining room. I had already selected one piece that I for sure wanted to include in the suitcase.

Greg’s dad recently gave me a very old china doll, that had belonged to his father. Yes, Greg’s grandfather had a doll. And apparently, it meant a lot to him because he kept it, long after his other toys were gone. Before he passed away, he gave this treasure to Greg’s mom, who kept it safe from the grandchildren and on display in her bedroom. I stored the doll in the closet after I received her. I wanted to keep it safe. And, as anyone who knows me well knows, I am not overly fond of dolls. But this one is different. Her china head has yellow china hair. The eyes are painted on and there are no teeth showing! She has a soft body with china hands and feet. I estimate her age to be about 114 years old! I DO NOT want her to get broken. She’s been around far too long to have anything adverse happen to her. However, I also don’t want to keep her stored away in the closet, where she can’t be enjoyed and appreciated. Tonight, she became the centerpiece for the fall vignette in the suitcase.

vintage suitcase fall close up

The doll, who as far as I know, doesn’t have a name, is dressed appropriately in autumnal colors. I brought a vintage looking birdcage in from outdoors, added green and orange tea light holders with cute fall cutouts and a blown glass candle holder with fall leaves and berries inside surrounding a mercury votive holder. My golden dragonfly plate completes the lower section. A simple fall wreath adorns the top of the suitcase, along with a small plaid pillow with the word “Fall” on it. I love the way it looks! And I didn’t buy a thing. I especially enjoy creating vignettes with what I have on hand. It becomes a challenge….one I enjoy pulling together.

I’ll grab some spare moments over the next few days and pack away the last of summer and then welcome fall throughout the house. I love this time of year, actually, and the transition from fall right into the holidays. For tonight, there is a cozy vignette to greet me in the bedroom. I sure hope that doll likes it there!

vintage suitcase spring summer

Spring/Summer Vignette

vintage suitcase winter

Winter Vignette

Day 285: Joey’s Tailgate Party

tailgate party

What a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, with family at my first ever tailgate party. Grandson Joey’s final football game of the regular season was played today, postponed from yesterday due to a very soggy football field. That worked out perfectly. My sister Linda and great niece London was able to join us today. Five year old Aubrey and four year old London were long overdue for a play date.

The overcast day was chilly but remained dry, perfect weather for jeans and hoodies. Joey’s third grade Carthage Tigers football team hosted an end of the season tailgate party complete with grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, chips, drinks and homemade cookies. I gathered with Linda and London, my son Nate and his fiancé Megan, and the grandkids, Joey, Oliver and Aubrey. We parked on a picnic table and enjoyed food and fun. The kids lined up to have their faces and hands painted, in blue and white designs and tiger orange and black paw prints to show team spirit. While the kids ran off energy, the adults chatted and kept an eye on the antics of the children.

This afternoon’s game was against the Webb City Cardinals, who are always tough competition. I watched Joey’s team run two touchdowns and hold the opposing team to a single score. And I applauded not only their efforts today but the marked improvements the boys have made, playing as a team. Joey ran and carried the ball and made impressive tackles. Oliver served the team as water boy today and he performed his tasks well. It was especially touching to see him carry a Gatorade onto the field for his older brother and trot alongside him Joey drank.

Aubrey played with her cousin until it was time for London to leave and then joined another friend in practicing cheers. I loved her enthusiasm and self confidence. She stood before the bleachers, calling out cheers and kicking her legs and waving her arms. When the girls ran out of known cheers, they sang the ABC song! Adorable.

It was a fun day. I enjoyed sitting with my sister, son and his bride to be, watching the game, cheering and chatting between plays. With this win, it was a near perfect season for the third grade Tigers, and a perfect end to the weekend. Below is a Magisto movie of the day. Enjoy!