Day 326: Sleepover with Joey, Oliver and Aubrey


Way back in the summer, my grandkids and I planned a first….a sleepover. We intended to pitch a tent in the backyard and camp out, enjoying the warm lingering twilight of July. However our schedules didn’t mesh. Aubrey would be present but the boys wouldn’t, or vice versa. Then the flu bug was a guest at their house instead of me. Finally this evening, everything came together perfectly and I arrived, sleeping bag and overnight bag in hand.

Nate and Megan were sent away to enjoy an evening out with friends while Joey, Oliver, Aubrey and I settled in. It’s too chilly to sleep in the backyard, but we quickly turned the front room into our campsite with pallet beds piled with blankets, sleeping bags, stuffed animals and a couple of pups, Choco and Carl.

We ordered in pizza. We played Sorry and Oliver beat me at checkers. The kids took turns looking through the Toys R Us Christmas catalog and creating wish lists by writing their initials by favorite toys. Watching them, I was reminded of my own kids doing the same when they were small.

I watched them play and video taped their stunts. We chatted, laughed and brushed our teeth together. After lights out we curled up on our makeshift beds to watch Home Alone.

Nate and Megan have been together for about a year and a half. Their little family has blended together beautifully. And I have the privilege of welcoming Megan as a daughter-in-law and Joey and Oliver as grandsons. Tonight was about fully enjoying the kids and listening to their stories, telling them a few tales of my own, and mostly, just being present. We had an awesome sleepover….and not a single mosquito bite!