Day 360: My Own Egg Nog Day

egg nog

Eight days ago, when I enjoyed egg nog ice cream, I made a mental note about the upcoming National Egg Nog Day, with the intention of sampling a “grown up” egg nog drink for the first time. Except my mental note was faulty and the day, which also happened to be Christmas Eve day, came and went and I forgot about it. Actually, I forgot which date it fell on, thinking it was right after Christmas. Oh well. I decided to declare today my own Egg Nog Day, and proceed with my plan to have a cup of the traditional Christmas drink.

While I was out running errands this afternoon, and taking care of both daughters’ pets, I decided to stop and pick up the ingredients for my treat, to be enjoyed later in the day. What I didn’t think about was that on the day after Christmas, I might have a hard time finding egg nog at all. Four stops later, I finally left with a grocery bag containing a carton of non alcoholic egg nog and a very small bottle of Captain Morgan rum. As a child, I enjoyed egg nog during the holidays. The taste is very distinct and has remained lodged in my memory. I have never sampled alcoholic egg nog and although I don’t often drink alcohol, truly preferring my hot tea, I wanted to experience it as a first.

egg nog ingredients

It was the perfect evening for this first. The day has been overcast, windy and rainy. With a couple of books calling my name, it was time to settle in under a warm blanket and read. I poured a cup of egg nog into my favorite mug, and sampled it to get a base line reading! Then I added a heavy splash of rum and sprinkled nutmeg on top. It looked lovely! I failed to stir my pretty drink and so the first taste was almost all rum. Wow. After a good stirring, it tasted smooth, creamy and yummy. Success.

egg nog and books

I enjoyed sipping this Christmas drink while curled up in my chair, a book on my lap and another open in my hands. What a cozy evening and a perfect end to this day. I bought the smallest container of egg nog that I could find and likewise the smallest bottle of rum, so I have maybe one more cup of egg nog to savor on another evening and then I’ll tuck this memory away as well.

I found it amusing that as I was scrolling down through Facebook posts in my newsfeed, I found a post, which I failed to save, that said: “Pirate Egg Nog….RUM”. I have only a tiny amount of rum in my egg nog, making me not much of a pirate. It also dawned on me that Captain Morgan has the initials CM….same as mine. I love how all of life is connected!

egg nog CM