Journey 23: Until I See You Again, Mindy

Mindy and Harry

Today family and friends of Malinda Jo Davidson…otherwise known as Mindy, Mom, Friend, Cousin, Sister, Niece, Coworker, Healer…gathered to share memories of her and comfort each other as we miss her bright presence. As per Mindy’s wishes, as honored and carried out by her son, Harry, the gathering had less the feel of a funeral and more the feel of a reunion, minus an important guest of honor.

This wasn’t a formal sit down and listen to someone speak type of service. Mindy’s friends and family mingled and visited and told stories, each of us attired in brightly colored clothes as Mindy would have preferred. Classic rock songs played through the speakers and the murmur of voices flowed around the room, occasionally punctuated by laughter as another funny Mindy story was shared.

Lest we forget why we were gathered, we only had to glance to the front of the room to see a simple table set up, bracketed by beautiful floral arrangements. Behind the table hung a sampling of Mindy’s wool hooked rugs, a testament to her creativity and skill. Pictures of Mindy adorned the table, along with flowers, a stuffed Pug dog, and mementos of a life lived in joy. A Davidson Clan tartan scarf graced a framed photo, taken in Scotland, both reminders of our recent trip. In the center of these sacred symbols rested a beautiful burgundy urn with bands of pewter encircling it. If I found myself in danger of thinking that that was all that was left of Mindy, I had only to look around the room again, and see her son whom she has raised so well, a tall, handsome young man who is discovering how very capable he is. And her brother Jeff, who dwells richly in the present moment. Mindy’s spirit and life touched and impacted each person present today in that room. We hold memories and stories tucked within our hearts and we will carry her healing work, her creativity, her sense of humor, her kindness forward into the world.

I watched the presentation on the television, Mindy’s life captured in pictures. There she was as an adorable baby, there as a curious toddler. Her school days flipped by, picture by picture, culminating with her nursing school photos, including her pinning ceremony. Then she was getting married, and next glowing in her pregnancy. Beautiful, poignant photos appeared, with Harry, intimate pictures that showed the bond between mother and son. Her joy and her pride in her only child was so evident. Harry aged up as well, as the presentation continued, and there were snapshots of Mindy creating her rugs, a huge smile on her face. A few pictures of the Scotland trip highlighted that delightful vacation. The photo of Mindy and Harry, included with this post, is one of my favorite moments captured in the Highlands and frozen in time. A few more photos and then it was over, too quickly, her life flashing by, on the screen and seemingly, in reality.

And yet, we did not gather today to focus on the brevity or to say good bye. This day was to celebrate a precious life and rejoice over a soul that lives on, free from a failing body. Her glorious spirit was all around us this afternoon, felt as heightened joy and deep abiding love. We joined together, instead, to wish her safe journey, until we meet again.

I will miss lunches with my cousin and talking about everything under the sun, watching movies together and reminiscing about Scotland. I have never known a more peace loving, people accepting, kind hearted person. I am so thankful that she walked beside me on this earthly journey and allowed me to walk with her, until she reached a point where I could no longer follow….for now. I am sad, but I am not bereft of hope. This is not farewell, dear Mindy….this is see you later.

Mindy and Cindy Edinburgh Airport

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