Journey 39: Peace and Power in the Garden

hope of spring grasses

I love leisurely Sundays. The slower pace and freedom from appointments allows my soul to settle and expand and brings restoration to my body. It was another beautiful, warm, sunny day in the Ozarks which meant I desired to answer the call to be outdoors.

After a quiet morning of rest I enjoyed lunch with my sister Linda at one of her favorite restaurants, Red Lobster. As we savored cheddar biscuits and shrimp scampi, we chatted about life and planned a grandchild’s birthday party, laughed over funny stories and discussed what Linda would like to create in her backyard. This warmer weather is bringing spring fever with it. The desire to be creative and the longing to be outdoors are symptoms of this fever!

garden power kitty hide and seek

Back home, I gave in to the pull to the backyard and sat on the brick patio. The sun was warm and felt so good on my face and arms. The peace and stillness of the garden today, even as it still slumbers, brought an answering peace and stillness within me. I dreamed about the upcoming projects for this year, and then just allowed myself to be, fully engaging in the moment.

I had a brief but fun visit with granddaughter Aubrey, who always brings a smile to my lips and joy to my heart. Her animated conversation and bright eyes charm me. Greg joined me in taking her to her family in Carthage. It was an idyllic afternoon and perfect for a drive. As I returned home, the sun was sinking, but there was still enough daylight to tackle one last garden chore…the trimming of the ornamental grasses.

garden power electric trimmer

I unboxed my purchase from yesterday, a Black & Decker Dual Action Hedge Trimmer. I know many practically salivate over a new power tool. However, the trimmer’s rather wicked looking blade caused a tiny shiver of fear to trail down my spine. Last year I had lessons in using power tools such as a saw, a nail gun and a drill. I always feel a bit awkward handling tools and I’m very mindful of body parts such as fingers and arms! I gained some confidence last year, and I was determined to do well with the trimmer.

Under Greg’s supervision, I trimmed the first clump of grass….and loved my new tool ! So fast, so easy, so satisfying to see the stalks of grass fall. I had intended to cut back one or two clumps and do the rest later. But, hey, this was fun! In no time at all, I had trimmed back all 10 of my ornamental grasses, taking them almost to the ground. As spring arrives for real, new growth will appear.

garden power cindy at work

I was amazed at how quickly the task was completed, using the electric trimmer and how different the garden looked when I was finished. Although the stalks had turned brown, the grasses still had their tassels and added height and interest to the winter garden. It looks a bit stark out there currently, but I know that very soon, the longer days and warmer temps will cause my sleeping garden to awaken. I’m just tidying the space before that happens. I gathered the downed stalks, and piled them near the fire pit. I may burn some of them later, or compost them. The cats, who dearly love playing among the grasses, inspected my work and turned curious eyes on me. One even laid down on top of the stubble from one clump, trying that out, while two others hid in the pile of stalks, playing a game of hide and seek.

garden power stubble

The air was beginning to cool. The sun had disappeared leaving a gorgeous sunset of pinks, grays and purples in the western sky. What a beautiful end to a lovely Sunday.

garden power sunset

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