Journey 54: Helping Hand


A very brief post tonight to share that often the journey has unexpected twists and turns. There are usually opportunities to learn and grow with these surprises.

When an emergency arose late this afternoon for someone else, I’m glad she contacted me to say “help, please”. While this person, who already has a lot on her plate, took an injured family member to the ER, I had the joy of being with a couple of cute kids. We played and watched Mickey Mouse and I helped with snacks, homework and the bedtime routine.

I checked often on precious sleeping children, and received encouraging updates from the hospital. In the quiet that settled around me after the kids fell asleep, I decided, this is life. This is journeying alongside another and offering into the lives of others. Many have done so for me during my lifetime.

Mother Teresa says if you can’t feed 100 people then just feed one. To adapt that, I’d say…if I can’t help 100 people today then just help one…or maybe three or four. For this day, it is exactly enough.