Journey 72: Acorns of Memory

I am loving how the tiny acorn is showing up as I travel. It seems to be finding me, rather than me seeking it. And when this reminder of the journey crosses my path, I happily accept it. 

The first acorn I found was a real one, nestled in the grass beneath a huge oak tree. The scene from The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and Mindy’s passing were fresh experiences. I carefully placed a couple of perfect little acorns in my pocket to bring home. 

I uncovered acorn items at The Fancy Flamingo Flea Market and the 2 Friends & Junk Show, much to my delight. Those inexpensive treasures came home with me as well. 

Recently, while placing an order for books on Amazon, a small silver prayer box appeared in the suggested items list. Threaded onto a delicate silver ball chain, the prayer box was shaped like an acorn. I added it to my order. I love it. The cap of the acorn is the lid of the miniature box. I wrote a word on a sliver of paper and tucked it into the acorn. 

A couple of weeks ago, scrolling through FacebooK posts, I was captivated by a silver and copper ring featured on the page, Bilbo’s Acorn. A single exquisite acorn adorns the slender silver band. The link took me to an Etsy store, Homegrown Silver and Stone. The ring is a stacking ring. I purchased the acorn ring and a plain silver band to pair with it. 

Today, my rings arrived. They immediately went on my finger and I’m enjoying them already, glancing at them often. In that amazing scene in the final Hobbit movie, Bilbo shows Thorin the acorn he has carried on the long journey. When Thorin says it’s not much of a treasure, Bilbo assures the king that he will carry it back to the Shire, plant it, and nurture it. Every time he looks at the growing tree, he will remember the journey he took. “One day I’ll remember. Remember everything that happened: the good, the bad, those who survived… and those that did not.” 

That’s the significance of the acorn for me as I journey this year. What a remarkable reminder, to have the acorn present with me, every day, perched there on my finger. At the end of this year, wherever my path has taken me, I will look at my acorn ring and remember…everything that happened and every dear traveling companion who accompanied me…including one who did not survive but who lives on in another realm. Memory and the tiny acorn are forever linked for me. 

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