Journey 80: The Art of Blogging Class


Today’s journey was also a delightful first. Alice Lynn Greenwood, director of artCentral in Carthage, MO, invited me to kick off their season of workshops with a class about blogging. 

I’ve been consistently blogging since January 1, 2014, posting daily, learning as I go.  While I’ve shared about blogging with many individuals, one on one, I’ve not taught a class on the subject until today. We gathered in the board room on the second floor of the gorgeous Hyde House, home to artCentral. Alice Lynn gave a gracious introduction and then I had the pleasure of sharing with Diana, Helen, Randy, Leesa, Paula and Jan for the next couple of hours. 

What an amazing group of people. They took notes and asked wonderful questions and came up with great ideas for blogs of their own that will share their passions and knowledge with the world. It energized me to stand before such a class. 


Leesa, Paula & Jan. All photos taken by Alice Lynn. 

Sharing my from own journey in blogging, I divided the class time into three segments: Why blog? Blogging Tips and online show and tell using my own blog as an example. Preparing for the class was excellent for me, as it allowed me to examine the past 15 months and see the ways my life has shifted as a result of blogging. I’ve learned. I’ve grown. I’ve found my voice and my writing style. 

I was able also to consider why I blog and offer six ways my life has been enhanced by the experience and why blogging can offer the same expansiveness to others. The Tips section showed how easy it is to set up a blog. From there we discussed how to hone writing skills and grow a community of readers.

I’m so grateful to artCentral and Alice Lynn for this opportunity this morning. Teaching the class embodied one of my favorite things about blogging…meeting new people. Each person present today was there for a reason, crossing my path because we were meant to meet. I was encouraged and inspired by each one and I enjoyed the interaction during class and chatting afterwards. That’s why I do what I do…for the privilege and honor of journeying alongside another for a time. For this, I was made. 


             Diana, me, Helen & Randy

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