Journey 102: Sacred Well-Being

sacred well being

I love self care Sundays! Although I worked today, showing property to a delightful young couple, I knew that later in the day, I would be entering into a time of caring for myself. I woke up this morning with a full blown allergy attack….the stinging, watery eyes, stuffy head, headache, congestion. As the trees unfurl their delicate new leaves, they also cast off pollen, in abundance, that gets to me every spring.

One of my new strategies for treating my allergies, rather than loading up on sinus meds or antihistamines, is taking a spoonful of locally produced honey every day, with my lemon water. As honey bees move from plant to plant, collecting nectar, sticky pollen accumulates as well on their legs, bodies and mouths. Bees create honey by regurgitating the nectar, with pollen mixed in, into their honeycombs. (Perhaps TMI for some!)

sacred well being honey

There haven’t been enough scientific studies done yet to prove or disprove whether consuming local honey, containing local pollen, alleviates allergy symptoms. However, there are plenty of positive anecdotal accounts from people who have tried it. The local honey works like a vaccine, producing antibodies to fight off the effects of the pollen, which the body views as a foreign invader, hence the symptoms. I began taking a daily spoonful of honey a couple of weeks ago, and have fared well, until today, when the pollen count was very high. I’ll report the effectiveness later, after a couple of months of trying out this natural remedy.

sacred well being garden

My favorite way today of practicing soulful well-being was to retire to my brick patio, in my garden, with a cup of hot tea, a small plate of goodies, and a new book. Yes, I know being outdoors may seem counterintuitive, being that that’s where the pollen is. However, I can’t think of a more restful, restorative place to care for my heart, soul and body than my garden. It is awake…and growing….plants pushing through the ground and reaching for the sky. I pulled a few weeds, and then sat back and relaxed, the breeze warm, the signs of life heartening and exciting. Pollen will not hinder me. I love my backyard and soon I will be planting in the various containers and working in the front yard and the border on the south side of the house.

sacred well being garden 2

Finally, I enjoyed reading in The Celtic Twilight, Faerie and Folklore, by the poet W.B. Yeats. Ireland is calling to me, and in preparation for a future trip, I am learning all I can about Ireland, and in particular, Irish folklore and culture. My Celtic roots are split between Scotland and Ireland, and I look forward to discovering what Ireland holds for me, as I did when I ventured into Scotland. This whimsical little book, written in 1893, is an affirmation of Yeat’s belief in magic as a doorway into the Celtic past. I was enchanted as I read his words, sipping my tea, reclining in my garden. This was deep, sacred care, indeed.

To hold my own well-being as sacred is to honor who I am. Sacredness is to set apart and consecrate that time that contributes to my overall health, happiness and wholeness. When my awareness is on the well-being of my body, I will know when I need to disconnect from doing, and just be. That sense of sacredness applies to others as well…seeing myself as whole and healthy allows me to see others in the same way, and to encourage them to seek their happiness and wellness within as well.

I am grateful for that consecrated time and space today, that allowed me to rest and recharge, heal and just be. The allergy symptoms eased. I feel wonderfully alive.

sacred well being relaxing