Journey 109: Puttering Day

Puttering Day Word Swag

Sundays are rapidly becoming true days of rest for me, even on those occasions that I work part of the afternoon. I don’t always spend the day lounging, although I certainly enjoy a day curled up with a stack of books or an evening spent stretched out on the bed, watching a movie. A day with plenty of time for enjoyable hobbies, connecting with others or doing nothing at all is so restorative. As Winnie the Pooh says, “Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing.”

And so I declared today Puttering Day, to celebrate one of my favorite pastimes around my house and yard. The day began with resting, with no particular time to arise. When my body let me know it was well rested, I got up, and leisurely entered into the beautiful morning.

I enjoyed time with my mother and sister this afternoon, doing a bit of shopping. We all like hunting for great deals. When the stormy weather moved in a bit quicker than anticipated, we paid for our purchases and hurried for the door, but not before the downpour started. My mom, ever resourceful, picked up a plastic shopping bag for a rain hat. And ever the mom, something Linda and I both understand, she asked us to wait in the store lobby while she unlocked her car, so we wouldn’t get so soaked. The sight of her hurrying to her car, with a white plastic bag over her head made us giggle like school girls.

In between rain showers, I puttered in the garden, planting one more metal bucket with orange and purple Calibrachoa plants. That completed container is now perched atop a vintage wooden chair in the garden. With the possibility of hail and strong storms this evening, that was all the planting I did today, however, I enjoyed a stroll through the garden, humming and talking to my plants. My grandson sent me a list of 23 smart gardening hacks today, that was full of resourceful ideas. I embraced #3 and started my Calendula seeds soaking in water, to speed up sprouting when I plant them in the black kettle tomorrow.

Although I had picked up a Best Picture nominated movie to watch this evening, I decided instead to curl up with that stack of books, reading about the further adventures of Alma in “The Signature of All Things”, and learning about Ireland’s culture and folklore in “The Celtic Twilight”. With a cup of hot tea at my side and rain drumming down outside, it was a cozy evening, made perfect by the inclusion of a little jazz music.

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Thanks to Pandora online radio, I listened to several selections, including a familiar tune by Dave Brubeck. Called Take Five, this song is from the album Time Out, which was the first jazz album to ever sell more than a million copies. Take Five is the biggest selling jazz single of all time and is famous for its distinctive 5/4 time and catchy two chord piano vamp. I recognized it from the song’s use in television and movie soundtracks. It was also the theme music for NBC Today during the 60’s.

I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating my own Puttering Day, in my own puttering way. As often as I can, I will declare each Sunday Puttering Day. These days spent away from schedules and appointments and the clock, not only free up my time, they free my soul, allowing for expansiveness and exploration, and deep rest and relaxation. Like Pooh Bear, I see the amazing value in doing nothing in particular.

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