Journey 111: The Wheels on the Mower Go Round and Round

Today’s fun journey may seem small and insignificant. However, it was a first for me, and the outcome was beneficial for another. 

Greg and I have been in Arkansas all day. We wanted to check in on Greg’s dad and also check on the condition of his yard, after days of rain. With the sun out today, I could almost hear the grass growing. Dad Moore has a big corner lot, with numerous tall oak trees. At one time this hard working man tended his yard with great care, planting lush grasses and growing beautiful vegetables in his garden.  

Now in his 90’s, just looking at the grass wears him out. We slipped into his garage while he was still resting today and began some much needed  yard  work. I started with the weed eater while Greg got the riding mower started and made a few passes. And then, to my delight, we traded. 

It may sound silly, but in all my years, I’ve never mowed with a riding mower. Whenever the opportunity arises to try something new, I do my best to say yes! With a few instructions, off I went. It’s an older mower, and it has its quirks, but who doesn’t? Remembering where to put my feet to keep the whirling blade engaged occupied the first few minutes. It seemed I was going too fast initially, which later made me laugh, so I slowed down. Once I got the hang of what I was doing, I sped back up and had a great time, mowing in the abundant sunshine. 

Eventually Dad Moore caught on to what we were doing and came out to sit in the porch swing. It is still difficult for him to see others doing “his” work. Greg and I traded around on mower, weed eater and sitting with his dad, until the work was completed without too much fuss from him. 

It is a lesson to me to be with this dear older man, seeing the shifts in life through his wise eyes. As we visited while Greg took a turn on the mower, Dad conceded that perhaps at age 94, he should be slowing down. And he remembered that he had helped his aging father with yard work, just as Greg was now helping him. I pointed out that when Greg was older, son Nathanael would in turn help him…and someday his kids would help him, and so on. Dad Moore grew thoughtful and then replied, “I guess that’s why it’s good to have young ‘uns!” It’s good, indeed. 

It’s been a wonderful day, and I loved that my journey went around and around today, leaving neatly trimmed grass in its wake. I enjoy every moment with Greg’s dad as well, hearing his stories, holding his hand, loving on him and being loved on in return.  I’m stockpiling memories during these little visits. And that’s the real journey. 


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  1. I love mowing the yard and using the weed eater then viewing the yard all groomed and neat.Now seventy six and have been mowing from about grade school.. Love working out in the yard.

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