Journey 113: Repurposed Toolbox


I’ve been anticipating getting to repurpose this awesome red toolbox that I picked up at the last 2 Friends & Junk Show. I’ve known since I purchased it where it would go. 

Today I snatched time between appointments to roll up my sleeves and plant in this fun metal container. With the lid propped open, I filled the box with rich soil and added 5 white Pinto Geraniums. These pint sized plants smell and look like their full sized counterparts, but stay compact and produce loads of flowers. I chose white to contrast with the red box. The geraniums are cute, and cute is the look I was going for. I hope the toolbox doesn’t mind!

Checking my phone, I found I had time to plant five terra cotta pots and my vintage green and white planter with an assortment of Portulaca, Asters and Gazanias in yellows, pinks, whites and bronzes. More containers will be aded to this section just inside the Peace Door, however I was pleased with what I accomplished today. 

Lastly, I added pale pink Calibrachoa to the washtub in the “Memorial” corner. I will complete that area soon, with the fireworks flowers. I am also looking for a thistle type flower that grows well in my area, in honor of Mindy. All is coming together perfectly. And perfect are these moments stolen out of a busy day, spent in the garden. I left refreshed, and look forward to my next soulful, garden journey. 


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