Journey 132: A New Way to Tie Shoes

Tie Shoes

I have been tying my shoes since I was five years old, having learned this basic skill in kindergarten. However, when a video making its rounds on Facebook came to my attention twice within 24 hours, I decided it was time to investigate a new way of performing an old task.

Greg came across the video yesterday and I listened as he played it. I was intrigued and then promptly forgot about it. However, this morning, as I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, I came across the video again. When something comes into my awareness repeatedly, in a short amount of time, I pay attention.

So as I was putting on my shoes this morning, I chose to try this new and supposedly better way of tying my shoes, using the extra openings that are at the top of most running or walking shoes. O I never knew what those additional openings were for. The idea suggested on the video was that using these holes would snug up the shoe, holding the foot securing in place so that no slippage or sliding occurred. Keeping the foot snugly in place prevents blisters and discomfort, according to the video.

Tie Shoes 2

Last year I injured the heel on my right foot twice, straining the Achilles tendon where it attaches to the top of the heel. The first time I injured my foot, it healed within a month. However, when I strained the tendon again a short time later, it took months for the pain to go away. I tend to “baby” that foot now, being mindful not to push off too suddenly with that foot and being careful during some Zumba dances. Normally, by the end of the day, no matter how careful I am, my right heel hurts. I wondered if tying my shoes differently could make a difference in the way my foot felt.

Having learned that new experiences can be a good thing, I was willing to try. Using the simple instructions on the video, which is included below, for the first time since age five, I tied my shoes in a different way. I immediately liked the way my shoes felt, holding my feet more snugly and securely, without feeling too tight or restricting movement or circulation in any way.

I have to say, my feet, and especially my right foot, felt great as I moved through my day. No pain, no discomfort, no having to retie my shoes. I am a convert and will tie my shoes in this way every day. I love that I am never too old to try something new. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as the saying goes. I feel I definitely benefitted today!