Journey 155: Felula 2.0

Felula 2.0 porch bench

What a beautiful journey this afternoon, after work was completed, spending time with grandson Dayan and later, grandson Jonathan. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had the privilege of hanging out with these wonderful young men.

Dayan and I enjoyed a late lunch together at his favorite Chinese restaurant before heading to the Lowe’s garden center. I’ve been busy working in my gardens and this afternoon, it was fun to help Dayan with planting around a tree in the front yard and filling several containers to add a splash of color to the front porch. Last year, Dayan gifted his mother with a small metal table and a light green ceramic planter with a tall perennial in it. Sometime during the summer, he and his mom, my daughter Elissa, christened the plant Felula. Felula moved indoors during the winter, and was doing fine, and then I helped her to pass into flower heaven. I’m not sure what happened, but there was perhaps too much water, and wilting, and Felula was no more.

felula 2.0 Dayan

Today, Dayan looked for a replacement plant, for the green ceramic container. He found Mexican Heather for a large planter at home, and a white geranium for another pot….but we could not find another perennial that matched dear departed Felula.

And then we laughed over a Doctor Who related solution. Dayan has made a Whovian out of me. By definition, a Whovian is a fan of the popular sci-fi tv show, Doctor Who, and he or she is the epitome of good grammar and better knowledge. This knowledge stems from their interest in time and space, and the information gained from many viewings of the show. (From Urban Dictionary). Dayan and I not only enjoy watching episodes of the show together, we also enjoy talking about Doctor Who and the many intricate and amazing details about the show, the actors, the writers and most of all, The Doctor. Today, as we drove to Lowe’s, our Doctor Who conversation led us into a wonderful discussion of the connectedness of all things.

felula 2.0 dr who regeneration

At the heart of the Doctor Who storyline, is the fact that The Doctor, who is a Time Lord, doesn’t die but regenerates instead, retaining his spirit and memories but changing his appearance and his personality. It’s a very clever way to keep a series going for more than 50 years, with 12 actors playing The Doctor thus far. Dayan selected a salvia plant and dubbed her Felula 2.0. She looks different, but the essence of the first Felula is there as she thrives in her planter. She is the first regeneration, perhaps, in a long line of Felulas.

Back at Dayan’s house, we had to pause to watch an episode of Doctor Who. Then it was out onto the porch and into the yard, tucking Vinca and Double Impatiens around the tree and nestling flowers into the containers. Elissa recently bought an old bench from a local flea market and it looks so charming on the front porch, the planters with their brightly colored flowers arranged with it. Felula 2.0 seems right at home.

felula 2.0 porch bench 2

As we were planting around the tree, Jonathan arrived home, with his dad, Josh. He helped us finish with the plants and then became the official water boy, using a copper watering can to ensure the plants don’t go into shock from being transplanted. I enjoyed spending time with Jonathan afterward, watching him play a new video game, Marvel Ultimate Alliance.  Sweet Jonathan always believes I can play video games too. I can’t! At least, not well. The last time he had me play with him, he kindly reached for my controller after five minutes and let me just watch. Today I was the observer as he moved his characters through various levels with skill and confidence.

felula 2.0 Jonathan

felula 2.0 Marvel Alliance

I’m so glad summer is here and I can spend more time with my five grandchildren. I look forward to gardening and playing, watching Doctor Who and going to movies, swimming and playing mini golf, grabbing snacks and chatting. Dayan and I will tend to Felula 2.0, keeping her hydrated and positioning her to soak up some sun….and we will watch for any signs that she’s ready to regenerate and become Felula 3.0.

felula 2.0 tree bed

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