Journey 168: Game Night

My family likes to have fun! Tonight we celebrated this fact by gathering for a game night at the house of my sister Linda. Elissa ordered pizza, I brought snacks, Josh and Nate grabbed sodas. It was game night with a party atmosphere!

We played a family favorite, Apples to Apples. I happened to win that fun game, while my mom and young great-niece London played Candy Land and Labrynth. When London moved to the playroom, we played a rowdy and fast-paced game of Heads Up, which was new to me. Using an app on the phone, the game is played by dividing into teams and taking turns  getting a team member to guess the word or phrase on the phone, which is held in front of his or her forehead. We laughed. A lot! 

I’ll let the pics tell the story of the evening. Shared food, shared fun, family time at its best. We will gather again soon, and hope son Nate and his family can join us, and grandson Jonathan too!

 Adriel’s boyfriend Nate deciding whose descriptive card wins in Apples to Apples. 

  Mom and London play Candy Land. 

   Josh takes Apples to Apples seriously!

 Nate goes first in the hilarious game, Heads Up

 Josh giving clues so Dayan can guess the word.  

  Josh, Greg’s knees, Elissa, me, Linda

 London got to pick an activity. Playdoh!  Dayan, London, Nate, Adriel

 Dayan, Greg, Elissa, me, Linda