Journey 175: Ye Olde King Pizza

I’ve been a bit under the weather the past 36 hours, and have subsisted on a few spoonfuls of soup. However, this evening, after another enjoyable Doctor Who marathon with Dayan, I felt better, and hungry enough to try real food. 

Pizza might not be the first choice of food for most, after not eating for two days, but I’ve been wanting to try a new pizza restaurant in Joplin. Late this afternoon I carried out a cheeseburger pizza from Ye Olde King Pizza, located at 31st & Main. 

Here’s the story on this restaurant, which is really more of a return to Joplin rather than a new venture. 

A King Pizza franchise was purchased more than 30 years ago by Willard Stout. That restaurant, which was quite successful, was located near 20th & Connecticut. Eventually the pizza joint was relocated to 21st & Range Line, under its new name of Pizza by Stout. 

This popular restaurant was destroyed by the 2011 tornado and the owners made the decision not to rebuild. Brian Myers approached the owner of Ye Olde King Pizza in Fayetteville, AR, about purchasing a franchise and bringing King Pizza back to Joplin. 

The restaurant has been open a short time and business is great. I stopped by for carry out about 4:30 and the restaurant filled up while I was there. Back home, I tried a slice of the cheeseburger pizza, complete with dill pickles and mustard, and it was wonderful! I was a frequent diner at Pizza by Stout, and this tastes like their pizza. 

I’m thrilled that this franchise has come full circle in Joplin. I’ll frequent King Pizza as well. And, it seems pizza was not a bad choice this evening, after all. I believe I’m on the mend!