Journey 199: Midsummer Moot – Picnic Day

I love when fun events converge. This is Day Two of the Middle Earth Summer Camp, with the activity of having a picnic, AND it was the celebration of my stepdad’s birthday. What a great way to gather and enjoy family, combining the two. 


My stepdad, Walter, turns 87 on Monday. My sisters Linda and Debbie, niece Nicole and her kids Weston and Lola, and my niece Ashley and her hubby Jon and boys, Ethan and Kaleb, and Greg met at my mom and stepdad’s house to wish Walter a very happy birthday. We normally go out to dinner. However, today my sisters and I carried in sliced smoked brisket, rolls, baked beans, macaroni salad and potato salad and created a casual celebratory dinner. Mom contributed fresh tomatoes from her garden, German Chocolate birthday cake and chocolate brownies. 


Some sat at the dining room table to eat. The children joined me, Linda, Nicole and Ashley in the living room. We dined, picnic style, on the floor, seated around a colorful vinyl tablecloth that I picked up this afternoon. This was perfect, as it allowed me to incorporate a picnic into the evening as part of my Middle Earth Summer Camp. I appreciate my family for playing along so often with my adventures. 


And I appreciate my stepfather. He has traveled with my mom to so many beautiful places, from Hawaii to Italy, Egypt to Scotland. He entertains the young children in the family, playing games, going for walks, showing them magic tricks, and shares a love for animals with my mom. I’ve learned the value of taking care of myself, health wise, watching as my stepdad works out several times a week at the Y, while eating healthy foods as an every day choice. He’s a very fit 87 year old!

Which doesn’t mean he didn’t enjoy a piece of birthday cake tonight. Surrounded by people who care about him, squealing, playing children and an assortment  of dogs, he smiled and laughed and accepted well wishes for another great year. Happy birthday, Walter! And thank you for all you contribute to our family….and for allowing us to picnic tonight on the floor!