Journey 204: Energy Healing Session

I have studied energy work, also known as energy healing or energy medicine, for several years. Classified as alternative medicine, energy work includes such practices a Reiki, Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine, Quantum Touch, EFT, Chakra Healing, Barbara Brennan’s Energy Work, and Touch Therapy, which is another name for a biblical term….laying on of hands. In most of these modalities, the use of the hands to direct a flow of energy is vital.

energy work heart hands

Everything, including our bodies, is made up of energy. Energy flows and moves. When the body is not in optimal health, the energy flow can be slow and stagnant, operating at a lower vibration. The purpose of energy healing is to open up blocked channels of energy and to send energy to areas of the body which are injured or dense with stale energy. I have learned a lot about how energy flows through the body, and what happens when that energy is trapped or becomes stagnant. I have done energy work on myself, and on others, yet I have never had an energy healing session done for me. I have wanted to experience a session and I thought I would have to go to a bigger city, such as Springfield or Kansas City, to have one.

I love how the Divine directs the flow of Life, bringing events and people to me, or taking me to them. What I need is supplied. I have been in my reading group for a year now. We are about to complete our second book together. I knew that three of our members are massage therapists who share a suite of rooms in a building. I did NOT know, until a week ago, that Margit also does energy work. What an amazing opportunity, from a dear woman who not only contributes wonderfully to our book club discussions, but has become a friend.

This afternoon, I got to have my first ever energy healing session, with Margit of Massage and Posture Therapy. (Check out her Facebook page HERE) She asked me about any areas of discomfort or concern and listened thoughtfully as I told her about my car accident. Twenty years ago I was a passenger in a car that was rear ended by a pick-up truck going 55 miles per hour. Thankfully, my family survived with minimal injuries. My seat belt kept me from going through the windshield, when the car abruptly came to a halt after being knocked down the highway, but the back of my seat broke. While my belt held me in place, my whole upper body twisted and was thrown violently back and then forward toward the dashboard and then back again, into the back seat. My neck, back, sternum and shoulder were injured.

The short version of this account is, after five years of physical therapy, spinal injections, exercises, and treatments, I still had permanent nerve damage in my lower back that affects both legs and both feet, and damage to my sternum and ribs, from the seat beat. I live with pain, daily. I don’t let it stop me from doing what I want to do, but it does affect my mobility. (If you’ve ever seen me get up out of a chair, after sitting for too long, you’ll know what I mean.) I don’t want to be defined by pain, or accidents or injuries. I would love to know what pain free feels like again. However, I mostly desire flexibility and mobility.

After listening carefully, Margit had me lie on my back while she worked. She lightly rested her hands on specific points along my body, directing energy flow. Her hands quickly became hot, as energy moved. Even before she slipped a hand beneath my lower back, heat began to build there, radiating outward. I feel energy easily. It tingles across my scalp and face, courses through my body, hums, literally. I can often feel my own vibrational field as it pulses with life energy.

energy work healing hands

In the quiet, darkened room, with soft music playing, energy stirred around sore, tender places in my back, along the sciatic nerves down both legs, around my knees, which tend to get locked into position by muscles that tighten because of nerve pulses, or perhaps because of the lack of them. As Margit worked, I relaxed deeply, muscles sometimes trembling as they released tension or pain. Heat flowed with the energy. And as I lay there, I thought about how energy gets stuck in the region of the heart, as Michael A Singer writes about in The Untethered Soul. It must move, so it circles, buried beneath memories, until something triggers the emotion or pain that trapped that energy there initially. And then the energy surges, seeking release. We can relax and allow the energy and the old pain, the old emotion, to pass through, gaining release. Or we can resist the stirring of energy, push the pain and emotion back down, control ourselves tightly….until the next time something triggers the old energy.

What if an injury in the body causes the same thing….trapping energy related to the accident within the region affected? That energy must move, even if sluggishly….so it circles, runs along nerves, creating an uncomfortable loop. I realized years ago that I had held on to resentment toward the driver of the truck. When I released that resentment and anger, my pain greatly diminished. Now, perhaps by unblocking energy, and  giving it a way to flow properly again, I can further eliminate pain and restore mobility to my legs, knees and feet. I am ready to completely release that old accident energy. I believe Margit can help me do that! She also uses massage and posture therapy, which I am interested in as well.

Margit’s business card has printed along the bottom edge, “put the body in motion and it will heal itself”. I am so captivated by that thought and I am excited to journey with Margit to learn how to best allow my body to heal itself. I am grateful to have discovered that my friend has an amazing gift, offering healing and comfort with the touch of her hands. And grateful that we were drawn together through the book club, Divinely so.

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