Journey 229: Full Circle Day

My journey today began and ended in a similar fashion, full of mystery, although the locations were miles and miles apart. It was primarily an inner journey, with outer manifestations. Early this morning, standing with clients on a remote piece of land, I gazed with appreciation out over fields of waving grasses. Turning to look at the pretty little creek that marks the boundary of the acreage, I was surprised to note that tears were filling my eyes.

This happened several times as I walked around. It wasn’t sadness that brought the reaction. And although the land was beautiful to behold, it wasn’t beauty that was piercing my heart either. Something deeper was calling to my spirit, and my body was responding. The seller of the property was standing quietly beside me. He asked me if I could feel it. I could, but what was I feeling? He told me we were standing on ancient Native American lands. Not a burial site or battlefield, but an area along the creek where the People hunted and lived. That stirring around my heart expanded. We agreed it was a sacred and blessed space.

It was a beautiful and mystical experience for me. The quiet joy, peace and sense of sacredness surrounded me. What amazed me the most was that while my brain was asking “What is it?”, my spirit had already recognized what was calling to me and responded, with stirrings around my heart and tears in my eyes.

As I drove back to Joplin, two hours later, I turned that experience over and over and examined it. That deep sense of place, of peace and joy and protected space, is exactly what I want to offer to others. I hope someday to have acreage of my own, with a creek running through it, where people can retreat from the busyness of their lives and reconnect with their hearts. That spirit recognition that happens as the heart opens, even while the mind is still churning, is the desire behind offering my own version of Rivendell to the world. I created a Mind Movie of Rivendell of the Ozarks 5 or 6 years ago. I was reminded of it today, and wanted to share it here, however it wouldn’t play anymore on YouTube. I’d like to create a new movie, since I’ve journeyed farther along Life’s path.

This evening, winding down from the day, I spent time in my current Rivendell space, my backyard garden. As I weeded and trimmed back plants whose flowers have faded, I hummed contentedly and thought about the blessed ground I stood on this morning.

I was pulling a weed near a bushy plant that puts up long slender stalks with small pink flowers on them. I glanced down and was delighted to see a pale green praying mantis looking at me. This is the first time I’ve seen this interesting insect in my garden. As I spoke to him, I was surprised to see three more praying mantises, of varying sizes, on the same plant!

My delight was now magnified times four, and tinged with surprise. Just a couple of days ago, a praying mantis showed up indoors, on a bag of potato chips. He scampered up my arm and I released him outdoors. Now here were four more, all swiveling their heads to watch me as I snapped pics. Fascinated, I strolled through the garden, checking plants. No praying mantises. When I returned to the first plant only one insect remained.

I welcome these insects to my garden. They are great allies that will keep damaging insects under control. However, I view everything that happens as an ongoing conversation with the Divine. Something stirred again near my heart, just as it had early this morning. What was the deeper message these four little creatures were bringing me?

I rested in a chair on the brickio, the cool breeze bringing me the scent of mint and basil and sage. As I sipped on iced tea, I googled the symbolism of the praying mantis. Amazing. The praying mantis has a great deal of mysticism around it. It symbolizes stillness, representing prayer or meditation, and the mantis comes to us when we need peace, calmness and quiet. When too much busyness has crept into our lives, this little guy’s appearance is a reminder to become quiet and listen for the still small voice within. I needed that reminder! And having four mantises show up at once added additional importance to the announcement.

The praying mantis is also associated with time, because of its ability to wait patiently and then strike its prey at exactly the right moment. They are associated with the manipulation of time, able to move between moments and worlds, making them time travelers. I’m not making this up! Time travel seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life right now. Time in the linear sense is irrelevant to the mantis as it moves according to its inner instincts. Another great message for me.

I learned new things about my little friends, the mantises, and received messages for my heart and soul today, from them and from an ancient parcel of sacred land. I know, at the right moment in time, Rivendell will launch from here, my own backyard. I just need to keep journeying, my heart open, my spirit free. The last thing I read about the symbolism of the praying mantis is that it understands the circular nature of time. I feel like I experienced that as well today, morning and evening, lessons for my soul in the journey. A big circle. I’m right there with you, Mr. Mantis.

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