Journey 241: Happy Birthday  Kaleb

Today’s journey was all about celebrating my great-nephew, Kaleb, who turned four this past week. Family members gathered at my niece’s home in Oklahoma to share and play, eat a delicious Minecraft cake and sing Happy Birthday. 



 The birthday boy was allowed to choose the theme of his party, and what activities to enjoy today. He played with cousins, hid so well from me during a game of hide-and-seek that I seriously couldn’t find him (he squeezed behind boxes beneath the guest room bed!) and enjoyed Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch and an evening run through Sonic. 


This is an amazing child. He may have just started preschool, but he’s an old soul in a young body. He understands things, way beyond his years, and he’s a great conversationalist, making me laugh with his grasp of words and concepts. Kaleb is a deep thinker and I love having him curled up on my lap, listening while he shares his bright and unique perspective on the world.  

Kaleb loves the color blue, playing video games, watching movies, playing with his cousins and Mickey Mouse. He has an infectious smile and engaging manner that makes him extremely easy to be around. This boy is friendly and smart, curious and playful, and he loves to give hugs and kisses. 



Kaleb and I have a very special relationship. Our souls recognized each other, from the moment I held him as a baby and we have continued to delight in each as he grows. My priority today has been to spend time with Kaleb, focus on Kaleb, do whatever he has wanted to  do. Part of our special weekend is for me to spend the night. I will sleep with Kaleb in his room so we can whisper and tell stories, and fall asleep holding hands. 

This boy is precious to me and I look forward to watching him grow and learn, and do whatever he sets his mind to do. Happy birthday, Kaleb! I love you!


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