Journey 247: Joey’s Star

With the start of the new school comes marching band, football, competitions, programs and award ceremonies for the grandkids. As often as I am able to, I’m in the audience, an observer of the lives of these bright, beautiful children. Today, Greg and I had the pleasure of watching with pride as grandson Joey received an award at his school’s first award assembly. 


I always enjoy being in Joey and Oliver’s school. I had lunch with the boys several times last school year and I was impressed every time. This was my first school assembly and I was equally inspired. The principal and teachers create such a supportive, joyful environment for learning. 

The children are well behaved and aware of the rules, however, during the lunches I’ve participated in and during the ceremony this afternoon, the kids are allowed to move energy by singing along with the principal, who wears a headset with a mic, clapping, cheering and laughing. A moderate level of noise is not only tolerated, it’s encouraged, expressed at appropriate times. That makes such a difference, for kids who have been sitting in classrooms all day. These more lively lunch times and assemblies allow a much needed expenditure of pent up energy. 


Today we cheered on kids from each class as awards were handed out for Sportmanship, for being a Star, and  for Celebrating Learning. Joey, who is in 4th grade this year, was selected from his class for the Star Award. This honor is given to a child who has caught the eye of the teacher, due to academic improvements. 
Joey didn’t know he was receiving the award, so it was fun to watch his face, which brightened into a smile. He moved to the front of the room, receiving his certificate and standing with the other recipients. The children then took the stage, as a group, and parents and grandparents were invited to come forward to snap pics. 


I got a sweet smile from this precious boy, as Greg and I took pictures. I’m so proud of him for starting out the school year with a bang. Joey loves sports, especially football, art and computers. He likes a good book and he possesses a bright, inquisitive mind. I know he can accomplish anything he wants. 
The other awards were handed out. Then the kids stood, group by group, and chanted out college cheers. It appears each classroom selects a college and creates a cheer to perform at assemblies. I was impressed again, that even at the K – 4th grade levels, college is talked about in an exciting way. 

After the award assembly was finished, I had the opportunity to speak briefly with Joey, telling him how proud I was of him, and giving him a hug. As a bonus, I was able to snag Oliver out of line long enough to hug him as well. He will have his own accomplishments to share this year, as will the other  grandchildren. It’s going to be a great school year! 



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