Journey 251: Magical Moments

I have a morning ritual that I enjoy, which is to move through the house, room by room, and open the wooden blinds. I love the way the sunlight filters in, and how the outdoors becomes part of my indoors. 


As I opened the blinds today I was greeted by flashes of lightning, with accompanying thunder, and a steady downpour of rain. No matter. I welcomed in the watery grey light and the stormy weather, which has a beauty and energy all its own. 

I opened the blinds in my creative space, which has six windows in it overlooking the gardens in the backyard and along the south side of the house. I was captivated by the sight of the garden as rain pelted the plants. I have a chair right there, in front of that window, and I raised the blinds so I had an unimpeded view. 

The scene was so beautiful. I hurried off to make my bed and do a few work related items on my to do list, with the promise that I would reward myself then by settling into that chair, to watch the storm roll through. 

I didn’t even get the bed made when I stopped, feeling such a strong pull to return to the chair and the window. There was that notion of rewarding myself again, the idea that I needed to do “this” before I could allow myself to enjoy “that”. There was nothing urgent that needed doing in that moment. Nature was calling, with flirtatious flashes of light and playful rumbles and booms. 


I am so grateful that I heeded that nudge, accepted that invitation. Moments after I sat, enchanted by the view, the sun broke free from the clouds in the east. It shone brilliantly for a few minutes, as rain continued to fall and lightning flickered. A rainbow appeared to the west, arcing gracefully over the backyard garden. 

It was so magical, that moment. And I almost missed it. Had I checked off those things before allowing myself to enjoy the view from my window, the rainbow would have faded away already, as the clouds overtook the sun again. I am learning. Learning to listen to my intuition and obey those nudges. What simple pleasures await when I do. A short time later, I came across the perfect quote that captured the morning. Life is magical. I do believe. 

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