Journey 257: First Fall Vignette 

Autumn is still almost a week away, officially. But it’s making an early appearance at my house, as I opened up my boxes of fall decor today. In keeping with my practice of allowing my journey to unfold, I changed over only one area today, from summer to fall, going where I felt drawn. The vintage suitcase in the bedroom was transformed this afternoon. 


I was excited about this fall vignette because of two vintage pieces that I can showcase. Last year I included Grandpa Moore’s porcelain doll for the first time. This little beauty is 115 years old! I’m very careful with her. She spends most of her days safely stored away. I like to use family pieces, though, and enjoy them when I can. Her green, yellow and orange dress makes her the perfect fall accessory. 

And new to the vignette this year is a vintage pocket watch, with a locomotive engraved on the back. This beautiful piece, in its little cloche, came home with me after Greg’s dad passed. Greg believes it belonged to one of his grandfathers, but isn’t sure if it was handed down from the maternal or paternal side of the family. This is one of those instances where I long to ask Dad Moore one more question. I love the way the pocket watch adds interest to the display and a reminder that time is precious. 


I lit tea light candles in the four candle holders tucked within the suitcase, and the tall jar candle with its bronze metal topper. It looks homey and beautifully fall like, this simple vignette. I love fall…the colors, the scents, the cooler temps, wearing jeans, hoodies and boots, sitting near crackling fires in the fire pit. The only thing about fall that I don’t like is the keen awareness that winter with its icy coldness and short gray days is coming  next. However, to soften the blow, fall also ushers in the holiday season, which I love and my family enjoys to the utmost. It’s a worthy trade off. 

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