Journey 261: Guest Blogger Joey Czahor

It’s been fun for me to offer the grandkids opportunities to share via my blog. It not only allows each child to showcase his or her gifts and unique talents, it creates a bonding experience between us as we discuss what they want to share and the mechanics of the blog. I learn about the children as I listen to what’s important to them. Today’s blog post is from my grandson, Joey


Joey, who is 9 years old and a 4th grader this year, knew immediately what he wanted to share. He enjoys playing football and riding his bike and jumping on the trampoline. And he is an artist. He almost shyly brought in his portfolio and shared drawing after drawing with me. I asked him to select the ones he wanted to include in the post and tell me a bit about each one. 
Here are Joey’s selections, along with the titles of the pieces:

 “Mr. Ellie” pencil & ink

 “Who Who” ink

 “Ace the Dog” pencil

 “Football Minion” marker & crayon

 “Cuckoo” pencil (Joey commented that this is a parrot, who is crazy, hence the title!)

 “Lion” pencil 

I am so impressed with these drawings and Joey’s artistic abilities. I see a great future ahead for him, should he desire to continue exploring his artistic side. I hope he does. There is such a soulful quality to this boy’s work. However, no matter what he decides to pursue, his art will always be there, a part of him, a way of both capturing his world and sharing it. I look forward, as Joey gets older, to introducing him to amazing artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh. 

I am grateful to Joey, for allowing me to feature his artwork on the blog and for sitting with me and discussing his work. I think he is brilliant! I have two grandsons still, with ideas or artistic creations to share. I am so blessed.