Journey 263: The Art of Living

During this quiet, soulful Sunday, as I have relaxed at home, I have thought about creativity and art. Perhaps being creative is on my mind because I’ve returned to a favorite activity that I enjoyed as a child….coloring. I have loved unwinding in the evenings by grabbing my Crayola Colored Pencils and spending time on a coloring page, unhurried, at peace, coloring for the simple enjoyment the activity brings. Although I have no qualms with being an adult, I love this meme that I found:

art of living meme

And I believe I am seeing with more creative eyes because of Elizabeth Gilbert, whose new book, Big Magic releases this week. Liz’s posts on her Facebook page have been geared toward creativity and art and the blocks that keep us from expressing them, as teasers for her book, which has the tagline “Creative living beyond fear.” I’m looking forward to reading her new book, and to an exciting possibility in October, that I’ll share later. Liz shared a meme this week that sparked the most thought for me, around this subject:

art of living

I love the part that reads “…no matter how well or badly, not to get money or fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you, to make your soul grow.” That’s what expressing creativity is all about, soul growth, and genuine pleasure and art for the sake of art, not fame or fortune. As I have spent time with various family members this week, I’ve realized that art and creativity are so much more than an ability to draw or sing or play a musical instrument, although many of my family members do these things well. There are so many others ways to be artistic.

art of living chocolate pie

There’s my mom’s writing and story telling….and also her skill with a sewing machine and her ability to bake scrumptious chocolate cream pie. And my sister Debbie and niece Ashley can take ordinary objects and transform them into works of art…or horror, depending on the occasion. Those two can throw a party like no one else can!

halloween party 18

My sister Linda, who thinks she isn’t very creative at all, expresses her creativity in the way she bonds with the kids in the family, and opens her home in hospitality for game nights and birthday parties. My son is gifted in drawing and music, but he also expresses his artistic side when he is creating an amazing Storm Trooper costume from hot glue and plastic. Megan pours her creativity and love into cooking. Elissa, who is an exceptional cartoonist, also creates handmade gift tags. Adriel, my Pinterest Queen, holds the hand of a dying patient and offers her presence. Dayan plays the tuba….and knows about every country in the world. Jonathan, who can sing and act, is also a technology whiz. Aubrey leaves notes for waitresses on the table, praising their service. Joey excels at throwing a football. Oliver does daring stunts on his bike. Greg can fix anything, and create something new out of something old. I call it MacGyverizing. Many of the backyard garden projects are his creations. All of these are beautiful, creative expressions of Life, that go way beyond categories of regular art. They are, indeed, expressions of the heart and soul.

brick patio

There is no limit to what can be expressed, artistically and soulfully. I enjoy writing, gardening and creating vignettes, decorating and making my own teas and potpourri. And yes, the coloring. However, I love that my perceptions of art are expanding to include anything that is done joyfully, purposefully, and with passion. My knack for puttering, which is defined as “to occupy oneself in a desultory but pleasant manner, doing a number of small tasks or not concentrating on anything particular”, has been raised to a form of art, and one that I thoroughly enjoy. It is beautiful to recognize the artist in everyone, and learn to see beyond the expected to the unique giftedness within each soul. When a person can’t draw or sing, it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t indicate a lack of creativity. It means that spark is being exhibited in another way. What an interesting and amazing world we all create, together.

art of living coloring page

Journey 262: Masked Intentions

The perfect way to conclude a beautiful Saturday, and signal the end of summer, was to attend a play written, directed and performed by a talented group of teenagers. My grandson Dayan is a member of this creative bunch and I joined other parents and grandparents with high anticipation. I was not disappointed. 


Tonight’s presentation was the culmination of months of hard work and preparation that took place over the summer. The kids do everything: create the stage, with working curtains and a backstage fashioned in the garage, make all the props and background pieces, write the script and memorize it through frequent rehearsals, and create the costuming and make up. Dayan has been part of this group for the last three years, however my understanding is that some of these kids have been doing these end of summer plays for years.  

Jessica Dean wrote and directed the play and performed the role of Melody. Mason Phillips was the backstage director. The rest of the cast was: Emma Morrell-Ezzy, Dayan Reynolds-Hevic, Adam Stokes-Malac, Claire Morrell-Jen, Ryan Dean-Sycron, Nathan Dean-Kon, Gavin Phillips-Aarone. Jessica’s parents graciously turned their garage and driveway into an outdoor theater. Folding lawn chairs on the driveway provided the perfect seats for viewing. 


My daughter Elissa, in attendance with husband Josh, explained that tonight’s play was a continuation of last year’s production, and this performance is the middle in a trilogy of stories. I missed last year’s play, but it wasn’t difficult to get caught up. In the story, a group of friends are having fun, doing what friends do…hanging out, sharing secrets, going to a masquerade dance and surprising a friend. The newcomer  to the group,  Hevic (played by Dayan), is a Russian immigrant with a sad tale that shadows his life. The friends attempt to draw him from his quiet reserve by including him in their activities. 
Contrasted with these ordinary moments in the teens’ lives is a mysterious stalker named Malac (Adam Stokes), dressed in black. His intentions are ominous as he carries on conversations via phone with an unknown (to the audience anyway) partner in crime. He fails at an attempt to kidnap two of the characters and a well done fight scene ensues. It turns out Hevic and Malac know each other from Russia. Hevic blames the man in black for his father’s death. The play ended tonight with a cliffhanger. We watched as Malac has a tense conversation on the phone, warning his unseen partner that he’s about to take control of the situation by handling matters his way. 

I loved this play! There were humorous moments, as when the characters revealed their phobias…June bugs and acorns brought chuckles, as did Hevic in a later scene when he said he was afraid of gravy. By making their fears rather laughable, I could peek at my own to find the ridiculousness there. And when Hevic gave a sad monologue about his life in Russia, soulful music began to play in the background. That cleverness brought laughs as well, the humor in the moment creating an interesting counterpoint to the sorrowful story of Hevic’s loss of his father and his flight to America. 


And the masquerade dance, with the characters sporting masks, ties in nicely with the overall story and the play’s title. One of the characters revealed that he has a fear of masks, because of what they hide underneath. All is not as it seems among these friends. And what exactly is being hidden, besides the faces of the characters?  Who is the man in black and what does he want, really? 

Alas, I will have to wait another year to find out! Well done, cast of Masked Intentions. I am more than impressed by this group of young people who put so much time and effort into these productions, simply  because they enjoy doing so. I love seeing creativity so wonderfully expressed. This is art, in its purest, truest form. It was not only entertaining to watch, but inspiring as well.  The applause and cheers were well earned and I left light hearted and enchanted. I’m looking forward to next year’s play. 

Journey 261: Guest Blogger Joey Czahor

It’s been fun for me to offer the grandkids opportunities to share via my blog. It not only allows each child to showcase his or her gifts and unique talents, it creates a bonding experience between us as we discuss what they want to share and the mechanics of the blog. I learn about the children as I listen to what’s important to them. Today’s blog post is from my grandson, Joey


Joey, who is 9 years old and a 4th grader this year, knew immediately what he wanted to share. He enjoys playing football and riding his bike and jumping on the trampoline. And he is an artist. He almost shyly brought in his portfolio and shared drawing after drawing with me. I asked him to select the ones he wanted to include in the post and tell me a bit about each one. 
Here are Joey’s selections, along with the titles of the pieces:

 “Mr. Ellie” pencil & ink

 “Who Who” ink

 “Ace the Dog” pencil

 “Football Minion” marker & crayon

 “Cuckoo” pencil (Joey commented that this is a parrot, who is crazy, hence the title!)

 “Lion” pencil 

I am so impressed with these drawings and Joey’s artistic abilities. I see a great future ahead for him, should he desire to continue exploring his artistic side. I hope he does. There is such a soulful quality to this boy’s work. However, no matter what he decides to pursue, his art will always be there, a part of him, a way of both capturing his world and sharing it. I look forward, as Joey gets older, to introducing him to amazing artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh. 

I am grateful to Joey, for allowing me to feature his artwork on the blog and for sitting with me and discussing his work. I think he is brilliant! I have two grandsons still, with ideas or artistic creations to share. I am so blessed. 


Journey 260: Happy Birthday Adriel

Today my youngest child, daughter Adriel, celebrates another year. She worked last night and so got to sleep a little bit today. I had the opportunity to see her and her fiancé Nate for a short time this evening, to wish her a very Happy Birthday and give her dessert to take home. A new tradition was born last month, when my older daughter Elissa celebrated her birthday. Her dad and I asked what special birthday sweet she would enjoy and we took her chosen dessert to her. Today, I asked Adriel the same question, and not surprisingly, she asked for the same thing…a double doozie chocolate chip cookie from Great American Cookie Company. Because Nate and Adriel were out for dinner, they stopped by my house on the way by, to collect the cookies and visit for a few minutes. As it was with Elissa, it is difficult to believe another year has flown by. Didn’t we just celebrate a milestone birthday for Adriel? And like her sister and brother, it has been quite the journey for her this past year.

Adriel birthday cookie

Adriel has accomplished so much since her last birthday and experienced several major life changes too. After diligently pursuing her goal of graduating from nursing school, she walked across the stage last December, at Crowder College, to receive her diploma. Her dad and I had the honor of pinning on her nurse’s pin, during the ceremony. The tears carried more emotions than just joy. What a tough road this was, and yet this young woman never gave up on her dream, and overcame challenges that would have caused many to quit or at the least, withdraw for a time. I am so proud of her. A couple of months later she passed her board exams on the first try, becoming a RN, attaining the role she first envisioned when she was 14 years old.

Adriel nursing school

Not all of Adriel’s paths were pleasant ones last year, but she lived her life with grace and dignity and held on to her sense of humor and sense of purpose as well. She said good-bye to some people who had journeyed with her for a time, and not without sadness. I trust she will, as I have so often done, look back someday and see and appreciate the gifts that all have brought into her life, and see how she grew through those times. She sold a house that meant a great deal to her, sorted out who she is and where she is heading, and then resolutely turned her face toward a future that is bright with promise. JOURNEY has been a good word for Adriel this year as well, as she has seen the landscapes around her changing, and yet bravely traveled onward and upward.

And there were happy celebrations as well, one of the most significant being her engagement to her sweet Nate. It is good to have traveling companions, and Adriel and Nate journey well together. They have many areas of common interests and they love to seek out adventures. On their days off, I might hear that they are walking trails with their assortment of furry babies, or floating the river with friends or siblings, or visiting a wildlife preserve. Adriel has a close-knit group of friends, her Life Club as they refer to themselves, who are all wonderful traveling companions as well. They encourage and support each other, and have great evenings of fun.

Adriel and Nate

Foremost among those who closely walk with Adriel are her brother, Nathanael, and sister, Elissa. I am so thrilled with the relationship that my adult children have with each other, how supportive they are, and how competitive they can be, in a fun way. Little sister Adriel has always sought to keep up with her older brother and sister, and I think we can all agree that she has, and continues to. This past year, Adriel cheered on both siblings as they married, present for them in more ways than merely attending the ceremonies, a smiling face in the crowd that let both of them know how happy she was for them.

Adriel and her siblings

I trust this next year will go more smoothly for this bright girl, although there are sure to be surprises, delightful ones I hope, and unexpected turns in the path. With her creativity, strength and determination, there’s not anything that Adriel can’t handle or work her way through…she’s proven that. Let your light shine brightly, beautiful child of mine, as you continue to make your way in the world, offering from your kind and compassionate heart. We are all here, walking with you, cheering you on, and today and everyday, celebrating you. Happy birthday, Adriel. I love you so much!

Adriel and Frances

Journey 259: Springfield Connections

Today’s journey was, in part, a literal one. Rising while it was still dark outside, I was on I-44 heading east toward Springfield, MO at 6:00 am. My destination was the University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, which was playing host to the Heartland IMA Conference. This annual event is geared toward accountants. I am not in accounting. However, one of the guest speakers this morning at the conference was author and speaker, and my friend and mentor, Lu Ann Cahn. 


Lu Ann’s book, I Dare Me, chronicles her year long journey of doing something new every day…365 firsts. Her transparency in sharing the experiences that transformed her life inspired me to create my own year of firsts and begin the Cindy Goes Beyond Blog, which is in its second year. In January 2014 I shared a link to one of my blog posts with Lu Ann, expressing gratitude for the inspiration she had given me and appreciation for the way my life was shifting as a result of moving out of my comfort zone, daily. 

Lu Ann responded so graciously, offering encouragement and the opportunity to do a guest blog post for her. We have become friends, and I continue to view Lu Ann as my mentor as she journeys on, speaking around the country, embarking on new adventures, and encouraging people to take that leap out of the routine and into the unknown. Lu Ann visited Joplin last January and we did a first together. I visited Philadelphia in June, attending a writer’s conference with Lu Ann and experiencing a whole string of amazing firsts.   

When Lu Ann informed me she would be speaking in Springfield today, I was delighted to meet her there. We enjoyed catching up on each other’s lives over breakfast and sitting outside by the hotel pool before her session began. What a treat, later in the morning, to hear her share from her heart before an attentive audience of 500+ people. 

I’ve read Lu Ann’s book and heard her speak before. However, I was reminded today how amazing the journey is when I open myself to new experiences. And reminded as well of the many opportunities that show up when I shift to saying “Yes!” to the unknown rather than defaulting to an automatic “No”. Lu Ann shared that the keys to moving out of the ruts and comfort zones we find ourselves inhabiting are playing, having fun, and being curious. She put actions behind her words and invited the audience to open the small colorful containers in front of them and blow bubbles. There was a moment of surprise, as accountants and finance students looked at each other, and then playfulness overtook them and bubbles filled the air. I heard one older gentleman chuckle and say, “Fifteen years attending this conference and I’ve never done this before.” 

That’s what Lu Ann does, she bypasses our tendencies to play it safe and resist change by helping us to step beyond our comfort zones. By her example and her stories, she has done that for me, and my life path is forever altered. As she said today, energy around us shifts when we do, and the act of seeking and experiencing new things brings more new things to us to try. 

I am so grateful that Lu Ann’s journey brought her to Springfield. It was a pleasure to spend the morning with her, and vital to be encouraged to continue on this adventure that began last year. I love how Lu Ann, while further down this path than I am, offers guidance along the way and cheers me on, pausing with a helping hand stretched out, providing wisdom and humor for navigating the tricky parts. My desire is to, in turn, offer the same to others on the journey. I can’t wait to see where our paths next cross! 

Journey 258: Dog Day Afternoon at the Joplin Library

What a fun afternoon, as Aubrey and I joined a group of excited children and their parents and grandparents at the Joplin Public Library. Aubrey was excited as well, because today, during a special program in the Children’s Department at the library, kids had the opportunity to read to dogs. For Dog Day Afternoon, the library brought in real dogs for the children to read books to.

Dog Day Afternoon at the Library

What a great way to encourage reading. During our last visit to the library, Aubrey picked up information about this event. She loves animals, and the idea of reading to dogs appealed to her for a couple of reasons: not only did she get to be with one of her favorite animals, she also had the freedom to read to a living, breathing, adoring listener who would not criticize her reading abilities or correct her. That’s the beautiful intention behind the program….that kids can enjoy reading, even if they are just looking at the pictures in a book and making up a story, all without any criticism. This is about reading for the simple joy of it, not to improve ability. The wise creators of today’s fun event are leaving learning in the classrooms.

Dog Day Afternoon Aubrey Reads

Owners graciously brought in their dogs, who all work as therapy dogs in various organizations. These gentle animals are used to people and each dog’s owner stayed with the kids to monitor the interaction. Four dogs sat in different locations within the reading room, in the Children’s Department, and the boys and girls selected books to read and added their names to the list. As we waited for Aubrey’s name to be called, she selected several books, mostly about dogs, or featuring that lovable canine, Scooby Doo. We discovered a coloring table set up in a quiet corner and we both colored preprinted pages.

Dog Day Afternoon 005

When it was Aubrey’s turn she was paired up with Ricky, a gray Airedale. She carried in the book, “If I Ran the Dog Show” and after petting Ricky and getting acquainted for a few moments, she opened her book to read. I was so proud of her. Parents and grandparents were only allowed to watch from the doorway, to avoid the temptation of “helping” too much as the kids read. We could slip into the reading room to take pictures as long as we stayed off to the side and didn’t distract the kids.

Dog Day Afternoon 006

After five minutes of reading to the first dog, the kids were allowed to pick another to read to. Aubrey selected a pretty brown and white dog, whose name I didn’t catch. Over any feelings of shyness by now, she readily opened her book back up and read to the second dog. I smiled, and felt teary-eyed, watching her. Aubrey is such an adventurous child. Even though she was doing a first today, she stepped right up and met the challenge. As a first grader, she still has lots to learn about reading, but that didn’t stop her from participating whole-heartedly and doing her best.

Dog Day Afternoon Aubrey and Ricky

And her best was more than good enough. The dogs certainly enjoyed listening to her, especially Ricky. My favorite pictures from the afternoon are these last two. In the pic above, Ricky appears to be reading over Aubrey’s shoulder, fascinated by the unfolding story. And when Aubrey sat back, laughing, Ricky seems to be studying the page himself, perhaps in disbelief at an unexpected plot twist. This was such a good experience for my little granddaughter. I appreciate the Children’s Department in the Joplin Library for offering such excellent programs, and for allowing kids to be kids and have fun as they experience books and reading in a casual atmosphere. The next Dog Day Afternoon is October 20, 2015. Aubrey and I already have plans to be there.

Dog Day Afternoon So Funny

Journey 257: First Fall Vignette 

Autumn is still almost a week away, officially. But it’s making an early appearance at my house, as I opened up my boxes of fall decor today. In keeping with my practice of allowing my journey to unfold, I changed over only one area today, from summer to fall, going where I felt drawn. The vintage suitcase in the bedroom was transformed this afternoon. 


I was excited about this fall vignette because of two vintage pieces that I can showcase. Last year I included Grandpa Moore’s porcelain doll for the first time. This little beauty is 115 years old! I’m very careful with her. She spends most of her days safely stored away. I like to use family pieces, though, and enjoy them when I can. Her green, yellow and orange dress makes her the perfect fall accessory. 

And new to the vignette this year is a vintage pocket watch, with a locomotive engraved on the back. This beautiful piece, in its little cloche, came home with me after Greg’s dad passed. Greg believes it belonged to one of his grandfathers, but isn’t sure if it was handed down from the maternal or paternal side of the family. This is one of those instances where I long to ask Dad Moore one more question. I love the way the pocket watch adds interest to the display and a reminder that time is precious. 


I lit tea light candles in the four candle holders tucked within the suitcase, and the tall jar candle with its bronze metal topper. It looks homey and beautifully fall like, this simple vignette. I love fall…the colors, the scents, the cooler temps, wearing jeans, hoodies and boots, sitting near crackling fires in the fire pit. The only thing about fall that I don’t like is the keen awareness that winter with its icy coldness and short gray days is coming  next. However, to soften the blow, fall also ushers in the holiday season, which I love and my family enjoys to the utmost. It’s a worthy trade off. 

Journey 256: A Mouse, a Nature Walk and a Dance

Today presented an opportunity to get my granddaughter Aubrey and my sister’s granddaughter London together for an afternoon of playing. These two little girls don’t get to spend near as much time together as they would like. However, when schedules align, they enjoy every moment that they are given. 


The majority of their play date took place at one of the girls’ favorite hang outs… Chuck E Cheese Pizza. Today they were joined by cousins Weston and Lola, who entered into the spirit of fun whole-heartedly…just keep that big mouse who lurks about away! This is a noisy, kid friendly restaurant. Linda, Nicole and I didn’t mind the rowdy atmosphere though. The kids had space to run and slide, ride rides and plug tokens into whirring, clanging machines. 

Aubrey and London have been enjoying Chuck E Cheese since their toddler days, when Gigi and I had to boost them up the platforms, to the top of the playground enclosure. I watched today, with both amusement and tenderness, as the girls helped young Weston climb to the top, taking turns pulling on his arms from above and lifting from below. They made a great little team and Weston loved looking out over the restaurant from his vantage point. What better place to keep an eye out for that overgrown mouse roaming about!


Pretty little Lola, who will be a year old in late November, was bright eyed and interested in all the activity swirling about her. She and Gigi drove a car and she loved the bright green train ride that jostled her a bit too much after her bottle at lunch. She’s a good-natured, happy baby who smiles easily and already allows her curiosity to lead her. 


After Nicole headed home with her two sleepy babies, the girls finished up their afternoon together at Gigi’s house. These BFF/cousins are at an age where they need very little supervision. Linda and I sit nearby, visiting and keeping an ear turned toward the girls. It’s amusing and revealing, listening to them engage. Their life experiences pop up to color their conversations and play. And maybe that’s not a bad way, in the midst of make-believe, to sort out their little lives. 

We took time for a walk in the neighborhood. The girls carried plastic zip-lock bags for collecting treasures. I love that they fully expected to find such items. Into the baggies went interesting twigs and rocks, seeds, acorns and walnuts, and shiny bits of ribbon from some celebration. These children reminded me today that on our journeys, we find what we expect to find. I want to be a seeker of treasures as well. 

London and Aubrey ended their afternoon of fun with a little ritual that has become a tradition for them…The Dance. Sometimes they dress up in costumes. Today they donned leotards. And then they danced their little hearts out for their Yaya and Gigi. We enjoyed their performance and laughed at their antics this afternoon, as they let their little wild and creative spirits peep through. It was good fun. And more than that, it allowed them to move, their bodies and their energies. Rather than clinging sadly to each other, wondering when they will get together next, they instead parted company on a high and hilarious note. Wise beyond years, these two. Old souls who love and enjoy each other. I learn so much from them. 


Journey 255: Tigers Football

This afternoon I had my first opportunity to watch the 4th grade Carthage Tigers play, as they squared off on the field against the Webb City Cardinals. My grandson Joey, sporting a blue jersey with the number 4 on it, was my reason for being there.   

It was a gorgeous day, with blue skies, ample sunshine and mild temps. A cool breeze not only refeshed, but reminded us that fall is quickly approaching. I enjoyed cheering Joey and his team on in the company of my daughter-in-law Megan, grandson Oliver, and Megan’s sister and best friend and theirs kids.  

The Tigers didn’t win today. But the team played well together and we whooped for Joey when he made an awesome tackle. It’s fun to win. Often, we learn more when we don’t, especially when we can view all that happens as important and valuable parts of the journey. The kids had great attitudes. I trust they had fun too! 

It’s equally important that the coaches, parents, grandparents and other friends and family members in attendance display exceptional sportsmanship and model great attitudes as well. Gratefully, I can say that was the case today at Tiger Stadium. Go team, and go far in life, boys. We are all cheering you on. 


Today was picture day. My daughter-in-law Megan got a great shot of Joey and the photographer. 

Journey 254: Ghosts in Carthage

In between appointments in Carthage MO today, I had time to check out one of the historic buildings on this pretty town’s picturesque square. I’ve heard of the old Burlingame & Chaffee Opera House, home now to McBride’s Antiques. It’s about to attract attention at a national level. I decided to walk through this afternoon and see what I saw…and felt.

The building, located on the southern side of the square, was built in 1877-78, on the site of two previous buildings that were destroyed during the Civil War. A hardware business operated on the main floor. The Burlingame & Chaffee Opera House debuted on the second floor on February 21, 1878.

During the construction of the building in 1877, reports began of paranormal activity. Construction workers spoke of hearing the distinct sound of musket and cannon fire, while working in the basement. Continued activity has been reported over the years, as the building’s use has shifted and changed.

The current owner and his employees, and customers within the building, have had many incidents of auditory and visual phenomenon, with most of the activity being reported in the now vacant opera theater. The main floor has its share of reports too however, including the presence of a small boy and an older, grandmotherly woman who seems to watch over the him.

An old photograph taken in the vacant opera house. Note the figure on the left, at the window.

I strolled through McBride’s Antiques, which is housed on the main floor, and John Oliver’s, featuring antiques and collectibles, in the basement of the building. Other than Keith McBride, and two employees (perhaps the owners) in John Oliver’s, I was alone in the building. I walked slowly through both spaces, my ability to sense energy spreading out around me like an invisible, tactile net.

And this is what I picked up. Heavy energy on the main floor that prickled across my back. I feel negative or low energy, dark or trapped energy, across my upper back. The stronger or more intense the energy, the stronger the sensations across my back. Light, higher vibrational energy makes my scalp tingle. There wasn’t any scalp tingling going on. As I walked I stopped several times, catching movement out of the corner of my eye.

Surprisingly, the basement felt better to me, which is unusual. Basements often hold a lot of old, heavy energy and they are uncomfortable to me. Back upstairs, the prickliness across my back became a dull ache that moved up my neck to the back of my head. I’m curious what I would have felt upstairs, in the opera house.

McBride has been curious about his building as well. He has had a local paranormal investigative team onsite, that recorded high activity. Most recently, the opera house was visited during the summer by the SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters”. According to McBride, the team, led by Jason Hawes and Steve Gonslaves, not only investigated the building but researched Carthage history. The episode, titled “A Fright at the Opera”, will air on SyFy September 23, at 8:00 PM.

Many viewers across the U.S. will tune in. People will turn their eyes and interests toward Carthage, MO and the old opera house. After my walk through today, and research tonight, I’ll be watching as well.

The historic Carthage Courthouse, across the street from McBride’s.