Journey 310: Marooned Without a Compass Day

First of all, who knew there was such a holiday as Marooned Without a Compass Day? I didn’t. Not until late in the day. And secondly, how does one celebrate such an odd holiday? I had not planned to. However, life intervened. Or rather, led me down a twisty path that in the end made me say “Hmmmm….”.  

This morning, before I began my free writing, I opened the Pinterest app on my iPhone, to look for a quote. Instead, I found a meme that caught my attention. “Put down that map and get wonderfully lost.” I loved that thought. Thinking about traveling, and about the life metaphor of journeying, I agreed with the sentiment. Sometimes it is so freeing to toss down the map, and wander off, exploring. 

JRR Tolkien’s quote that I love came to mind, “Not all who wander are lost”…as in, helpless, afraid and in need of rescue. They are wandering because they like the unmapped journey and enjoy the freedom to roam. I grabbed my notebook and my thoughts flowed onto the pages as words. Words about my journey and how I don’t feel I need a map at this point in my exploration of life. I am being guided, by the Divine. Whispers to turn this way. Beauty  that draws me down an unfamiliar trail. Memes on Pinterest that grab my attention and create an ache of longing in my heart. 


The word “Trust” showed up a lot in my Morning Pages. That’s what I am developing, along with creativity and courage…trust. Trust that I am loved and invited into an adventure. Trust that the unknown is full of delightful surprises and opportunities for growth. Trust that my journey is taking me exactly where I need to go, even if I don’t know where that is. Even if I appear to be wandering, lost, to other people. 

Part of developing trust, for me, is to let go, and to stop pretending I am controlling life. I’m not! I don’t need to plot out my life, set five year goals,  or create a plan. I want to journey, with a full and open heart, and no destination in mind. No map. No step by step instructions. No anxieties about the road ahead. I’m traveling light. Peace. Joy. Love. Fun. 

I had a great free writing session this morning…capturing thoughts on paper that stayed with me through out a busy day of helping clients. This evening, curiosity drew me to the bizarre holiday page, to see what today was. Marooned Without a Compass Day. Really?! My heart beat faster, which is always a signal for me to pay attention. I had spent all day thinking about journeying without a map, adventuring without a plan…and it “happened” to be on a day that is set aside for being marooned without a compass. What powerful reinforcement for the message being given to me. 

I looked up the word “marooned” which for most has the negative connotation of being abandoned in a desolate place. The word, originating from Old English, literally means “lost in the wilds”. Lost. Again that word. In the wilds. Off the beaten path. The beautiful uncultivated, undomesticated wilds. Without a compass. Which works like a map to give direction. No maps…no compass. Get wonderfully lost. What an amazing invitation at this point in my journey. I can’t explain how the Divine speaks into my life, using a plethora of signs, signals, synchronicities, pictures and more. I don’t need to. I’m just listening. And watching. And journeying into the wilds.