Journey 311: Being a Colorist

I had a productive and interesting day, helping Greg at his dad’s house. We sorted through more stuff, emptying out drawers and carting out bags of discarded items. I think of Greg’s parents a lot while I’m there, holding mementos of their lives in my hands. As we finished up in Arkansas, I couldn’t wait to get back home…to a couple of coloring pages and my mason jar full of colored pencils. 

 I have shared how much I enjoy coloring. It is relaxing and an excellent outlet for expressing creativity. And coloring for adults is the hottest trend in the US right now, according to Books A Million. Perhaps even, in the world. I know Joplin has embraced the activity. Some coloring books are selling out before I can find them. And stores are having a difficult time keeping colored pencils in stock. 

This past week, I did an exercise in The Artist’s Way in which I created five imaginary lives. All for fun. One of the lives I wrote about was being a colorist and a coloring book designer. I wrote out a list of 24 actions that I could do to play in those imaginary lives. Number 24 is to color cover pages for other artists. I’ll be able to check that action off the list, as that’s what I’ve been working on the last two evenings.   


This is a contest that a coloring book artist, who is a member of one of my Facebook coloring groups, is holding. She posted six blank coloring pages from her soon to be released book. I am allowed to color and submit two of those completed pages. Winners will have their work used as the front and back covers for the book. I appreciate such an opportunity and whether one of my pages wins or not, it was fun and it allowed me to experience living as a colorist. How cool is that? 

I brought home an oak leaf from the yard of Greg’s dad. I felt inspired by the fall colors, the browns, reds, oranges and greens, all captured on one perfect leaf. I kept it by me tonight as I colored, using the colors in my own art and thinking of Dad Moore. What a joyful evening, doing something I love. And how exciting to reside in one of my other lives, for a few hours. I’ll let you know how the contest goes!