Journey 329: Pumpkin Protein Cookies – a Pinterest FAIL

I love finding interesting recipes online, especially on Pinterest. Although I don’t cook a lot, when I do I love to try new things. I found this recipe several weeks ago and looked forward to trying it this evening, as I was prepping for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. 

Here is the simple recipe:


I purchased a container of protein powder. When I opened the canister tonight, I discovered I’d bought chocolate protein powder. Since the recipe calls for chocolate chips, and it was 7:30 at night, I decided more chocolate would be okay. 
The recipe makes about two dozen cookies. The kitchen smelled wonderful as the cookies baked. As soon as they were cool enough, I sampled one. Not bad! The chocolate protein powder wasn’t noticeable. However, the amount of cinnamon is too much. All I can taste is the cinnamon! I wonder if the recipe has a typo? Perhaps a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon would be better!

I’ll try these again, but I’ll tinker with the recipe next time. Less cinnamon and maybe leave out the protein powder entirely. I know others have experienced a Pinterest Fail. This was mine! 


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